22 Dec 2011

A visit to Gardenia

A group of us had a fun time visiting the Gardenia Bread Factory today morning. We expected  large crowds of other groups, but fortunately for us, it was just the small group  of us (20 people), and no one else. So we took our time, asked as many questions as needed.

No photography was allowed, thus no photos of the factory itself. I know I could've sneaked in a couple of shots, but when I took my camera out secretly, my Lil police (Jo) blew the whistle! (rats!)
Jo said "No Camera Mum! Didn't you hear the instructions??" I mumbled grumpily "Ok, ok....." and kept the camera.

To end the day, they served us waffles, and best of all, presented each child with a goody bag, and each parent with TWO goody bags full of yummy things. There...that was our visit for the day. :)

THe goody bag

The contents of the bag. So now I have 4 loaves of bread!! my goodness, I shall probably share a loaf with my doggie Camel.

This was us, waiting to collect the goody bags

Here's more photography from this week. Took picture of a "flower" from a creeper and modified its colour.

I also bothered the spider some more with more shots. With time, I'm sure he'll be my friend and might oblige some interesting poses. :)


gail said...

There is nothing like the smell of yeast bread baking!

marie said...

That sounds like a great way to spend the day. I agree with Gail, there is no better smell than fresh bread. I bet that place smelled fantastic!!!

Mini Mocha said...

Thanks for that idea. We should contact a bakery here to see if they will take us on a little tour, actually any factory would be good. A Joyful Christmas to you and your family Martha!

Martha said...

Merry Christmas to you all. :) blessings and good tidings. :)

Anonymous said...

That flower picture is amazing!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Divoo said...

the smell of fresh bread is amazing! and so are your pictures! :)

cell said...

what fun! i would've loved that if i were a kid. you can visit the yakult factory in seremban too! we got free samples.

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