4 Dec 2011

Lulu the Guinea's luggage arrives

Well..it's 8 days now since my girls were down with the horrid virus (see previous posts). Nel's still with bad chesty cough, especially at night and some dizziness. Jo's fever spiked last night. She was ok yesterday but lethargic again today with cough starting. Pretty horrid virus eh?

Anyway..I promised them that Lulu the guinea pig will be dropping off stuff everyday till Christmas. She first brought her bed and pillow yesterday...and this morning when my girls woke, they checked, and yes, Lulu the guinea has moved in new stuff, and her luggage has arrived. :)

This was a picture by J and message by N left for Lulu.

This morning we found a sofa, luggage and a flower pot. Wow, Lulu's moved in quite a bit of stuff
Here's Lulu's flower pot, made out of tissue role

Lulu's  message, placed on top of her luggage

And these were the contents of Lulu's luggage..some seeds, dresses, erasers and stickers for the girls, and a shell. wow!
And here's a get well card from me, their mama.


Mini Mocha said...

It is fun isn't it! Love it all.

Mini Mocha said...

The making craft to cheer the kids up is fun I meant...NOT THE TERRIBLE SICKNESS! Get better soon, hope the fun helps lighten the days.

martha said...

yes it is fun..for me and for them. First thing when they're up in the morning, they ask "Has Lulu brought anything yet?" Loving this project. thanks for the idea Mocha. :)

gail said...

Oh, Martha. You are such a clever, loving mum.

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