6 Dec 2011

.Habits and Phobias

-I could never understand the phobia some people have towards animals, particularly towards cats and dogs, which I think are tremendously cute and wonderful creatures. My reaction has always been to prod, nudge, encourage and hope that the person with phobia, would take the first step towards "liberation" by touching just a bit of the animal's fur and perhaps eventually falling in love with these lovable creatures.

-I could never understand people's difficulty in breaking addiction in areas like smoking, gambling or computer gaming.

Well...all that's changed recently. When my daughter brought me that huge house lizard, stil wriggling and alive in her hand, I freaked out. She came nearer and nearer to me, and I tried to back away, but alas, she trapped me in a corner. She prodded me, nudged and encouraged me and hoped I'd take the first step by just touching the lizard's body. I totally refused, screamed, shrieked and determined that I would NEVER fall in love or touch such a creature. With that, I've come to realise that perhaps this is exactly how my friends who've a phobia towards furry kids feel.

In relation to addiction.. my hubby recently hinted that I perhaps might have a slight (although I'm sure he meant "great") addiction ...and that is being addicted to FB. I denied it at first..and realise that all people who are addicted to something probably live in denial too.

So there....for today, I've chosen to try and understand the phobias and addiction of others. It's not that they do not want to overcome that phobia, it's because the phobia is REAL! It's not because they do not want to break out of the addiction, it's because while they're in it, it feels good, and to cut it out is like cutting out some air.

Having said that... I will TRY my best,( IF and only IF my daughter catches another lizard), to try and slowly touch, just a bit of that lizard. And if I ever get to the point of carrying that darn squirmy thing in my hand, then I will continue nudging those with Cynophobia, Ailurophobia and other similar phobias to overcome theirs.

As for FB...by hook or by crook..I will surely find a way of cutting down time on it...with time...with time. (see it happening anytime soon??) ;)

In the mean time..I have other phobias...some which I think..are hard to overcome..such as the fear of heights. I'm not in a hurry to work on that one..in fact, i think I'll stay safe on the ground for the rest of my life.

my girl with her lizard


gail said...

When I was five years old, I was riding my bicycle and a very large dog ran at me and bit me on the foot (I was wearing sandals). For many years, I was afraid of dogs - all dogs. Now I am wary but can tolerate them.

FB and such are what my brother calls "time vampires" and I must agree. I need to step back from it a bit though I don't want to.

Martha said...

hey G..yes agreed that some dogs can be nasty. At least you've overcome your fear, and I'm glad of tat. :) As for FB..i think, it's your right to spend as much time as you want on it. :) (hugs)

Jessica said...

Lizards would freak me out too.

marie said...

My daughter loves reptiles. Me, not so much. We have a dog and are stopping there......for now.

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

I love dogs but lizards? Sorry man. I always shriek whenever I encounter them. LOL. But how did your girl became like that? So brave and can even just pick up a lizard like that!

Anxiety Free Children said...

It is my own belief that while addictions are man-made, we are born with our phobias. Funnily, while I am a wildlife enthusiast, one specie that I absolutely dread is a snake. Encountering one just throws me out of my wits end. While you may still youch that lizard, I shall always live with my fear.

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