17 Dec 2011

Making Ginger Bread Man

 Cousin E, who's just a little older than Nel is here to stay over for a few nights. The girls are having much fun. Following our yearly tradition, we made some Gingerbread man cookies,using a recipe we got from taste.com.au. The gingerbread men came out pretty tasty, a little crumbly, but just nice for kids. We tried a different version last year, and the children found it too "spicy."

The wonderful thing about this year's baking is, I hardly lifted a finger. I drove the girls to the store, gave them a challenge of finding the ingredients in 20 mins. They made it just on time. (well done girls!:) )At home, I gave them the recipe, left the kitchen and told them they were on their own. So the entire batch of cookies were made totally by them. From preparation to baking, to deco to eating. Well..I did decorate a few and ate some too. :) That's after all the fun part.

Cleaning was done by the girls too. :)

Look! Mr. Impossible decided  to join in the fun session! :)

DD piping on the icing. Jo liked hers mosty pink, Nel liked hers mostly green.

Jo's pile

Ahem....my attempt at decorating some of the gingerbread

Some of the final product

Finally we also spent time watching this spider build its web today. Fascinating. It worked pretty quickly! :)


Kiddothings said...

Lovely! Made some with my kids over the week too! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute! I helped at the school yesterday with the first grade class making gingerbread houses. It was just so much fun!

marie said...

I should give my kids more responsibility at the grocery store, I bet they'd love it.

gail said...

All by themselves! They are so independent!

Martha said...

Yes by themselves..but it meant a longer time to bake...and a lot more mess...but I guess, these are little steps to being more independent. :)

Divoo said...

Great job by the kids! Those cookies look so colorful and yummy. :) I've been thinking of letting San help me, but I guess she's better off with her cleaning jobs right now. ;) :)

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Ah everything's really back to normal. I'm sure they had fun. Such a wonderful mummy :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love that they shopped, made the cookies, AND cleaned up! You have some great girls! And you cookies turned out so cute.

I would have been fascinated watching the spider too. That's an amazing photo!

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