8 Dec 2011

Figures, made out of lumpy wheat bread dough.

 Just when we thought the virus had gone, Jo came down with fever again and severe coughing. So we found ourselves at the hospital again. We were told we were 9th in waiting. The doctor took a really long time with her patients, and the wait seemed unbearable with Jo coughing every few seconds.

Flower brought by Lulu the Guinea

Finally the nurse called us and said "Because your daughter's coughing is incessant, we've slotted her earlier, you're now third in line." With that we found ourselves in the doc's office. Well first they gave her med to bring down the fever, and then off to the nurse's room to use the nebulizer. Because of her lethargic condition, she screamed and kicked like never before, insisting that the nebulizer was horrid and hindering her from breathing properly. As she screamed and cried, I tried to comfort her but to no avail. I was surprised by the reaction of my usually confident, brave girl.

Next was chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. She enjoyed that, especially when she found out she'd be taking back a picture of her ribs and lungs with her. Well, thank God, no pneumonia, but a case of bad bronchitis and also swollen tonsils.

 And so...we remain homebound. *sigh*
Anyway, this morning we checked, and Lulu the imaginary guinea has brought them some flowers made of crepe paper and some ribbons for the girls' hair. How lovely. :)

In the mean time, since we're stuck at home, I decided to make some bread clay dough. Now, this DID NOT turn out as expected. Firstly coz we were too tired to head out and get white bread, so we used wheat bread. Second, I did not knead it enough. So we had lumpy brownish bread dough. Here are the products of our work anyway. I think I shall head out today and get white bread and attempt the whole thing again. Pics of work below. (Jo did not make any, coz she has been lethargic most of the time, in bed.)
An Angel I made

Nel's old man which she made

Nel also made this snowman and a red socks for the Christmas tree

A Nativity Set of figurines..all made out of lumpy wheat dough. hahaha..:)


querked said...

awww... i hope she gets better quickly! We're keeping you folks up in prayers :)

martha said...

thanks Querked. :)

Mini Mocha said...

So sorry your family is having such a rough patch. On the bright side I think your nativity set is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I hope your daughter feels better soon. I can imagine how stressed out you must feel. I end up baking and it works like therapy for me on days when things aren't the best

marie said...

Those are adorable! I have never heard of bread dough play doh, I am googling it later.

I am feeling for your family as we are all sick here, it is the worst!!

gail said...

"Jo, do you remember when we were really sick and Lulu visited us? Mum did all kinds of crafts with us, too!"

Yup, memories being made.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love your dough creations! I think my kids would enjoy doing something like that! Sorry your daughter is so sick! I hope she is on the mend soon!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope your daughter gets to feeling better soon. I like the creations - they are too cute!

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

are they all ok by now? i hope they are. you are a very creative mom. this is the first time i hear about bread clay dough.

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