5 Dec 2011

Lulu the Guinea is a Chef! and STOMP

My girls awoke this morning to find three tiny books left by Lulu! Well apparently Lulu is a chef, as seen in photo below, she's even written some recipe books herself. Wow, impressive!

Well.. I think Nel's got quite fond of Lulu, she put some butterfly stickers in Lulu's home today, and even made these little shoes for Lulu using some dough. I hope Lulu will be able to fit into them. They're very tiny only about 2.5cm in length. (Even I, mum was surprised to see the shoes! :)  )

Also I'm sure this carriage here will be a great surprise for Lulu. Although they've not read about Christmas Mouse's visit to Mini Mocha's where there's a scooter involved, they somehow had a similar idea. So Lulu the fairy tale visitor,  now has a carriage to ride on. I wonder if she'll be going to a ball anytime soon?

Finally, despite Nel's bad cough and Jo's condition, we went ahead and watched STOMP last night at the Plenary Hall. I'd bought the tickets some time back, and they are expensive. I just thought that to miss the show would be a total waste. So I wrapped my girls in warm clothes, and together we went to watch STOMP. Of course daddy had to carry Jo all the way to the hall.

I'm glad we went. We totally loved the show. In between their coughs and sneezes and all, I heard them giggling, laughing and just enjoying the show. I'm glad for that. :)

For today, Jo's fever has gone up to 39C again, and I administered another dose of paracetamol last night and ibuprofen this morn. It's a horrid virus that doesn't want to admit defeat yet, but it will soon!

Yeah, so after the show STOMP, my girls are noticing stuff around the house which can be used as instruments. :)


Kiddothings said...

I loved STOMP. It was by far the best thing I've seen on stage. I watched them the last time they came here, I think in 2005. Glad you could catch it with your family. I also remember coming back and trying to make music out of household stuff! ;)
When's Lulu moving in?

Martha said...

I'm not sure when and if Lulu's ever moving in.. I guess..with time we'll know. :) haha..

Divoo said...

aww, that's very cute stuff for Lulu, especially the slippers :)

marie said...

Your girls are so creative. That show looks really cool, seems they were inspired. Lila got tickets to go see Wicked this month and she is beyond thrilled.

gail said...

Bells would love to have a guinea pig! I hate this illness the girls have. Hate it.

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