3 Dec 2011

Kids still down with virus

If you read my previous post , you'd know my kids are down with a really bad virus...day 6 now. Nel's just got back from the hospital. Praise God, she tested negative for Dengue. However, she's still feverish with bad chesty cough, reddish eyes, and there are rashes on her neck, arms and legs. Tomorrow we'll have to take her to the doctor again for further treatment/tests. I'm praying this is the last. She's usually nervous about doctors, and cried like crazy after the blood test.

Jo had her last meal at lunch and wouldn't eat anymore after that because of the metallic taste in her mouth. She had a little more energy today, but has also been in and out of bed several times through the day.

Anyway..I've been a praying mum today...worried most of the time, getting them sufficient liquids, taking temperature, praying praying praying. At the same time, to keep myself saint..I painted a little...nothing fantastic..just simple, childish stuff to keep my mind occupied. Yeah, I made simple watercolour cards today  which I will mail out soon.

There's another project which I've just started today, inspired by Mini Mocha which is to plan a "visit" by a Guinea Pig. I'm nowhere creative when it comes to hand made stuff. I'm rather lazy at that. But I guess, I just wanted to brighten my children's day. Seeing them suffer these few days have been unbearable, heart wrenching, and I've had few heart stopping moments. Thus this project to kinda brighten the days.

Basically I told my dear girls that that if they wrote an invitation letter to a little guest, there'd be a surprise in  the morning.

First I got my girls to write a letter inviting a lady guinea to stay over. Well..initially Nel wrote : Dear Hamster, you're the cutest animal in the world. So sad you die easily (which is why we cannot  keep you as pets), sincerely....

I told her, "No way is a hamster or guinea visiting you with such a welcoming letter!"  *grin* So they rewrote the letter:


Then when Nel went for her blood test, while Jo slept, I started on this project, me, the one who can't sew a button to save my life. I cut out a box for a home and also made a tiny bed, using cardboard  and wrapping paper. Then the difficult part....I actually, sewed a tiny pillow for the little "guest."

...and lastly I left this letter in the box, which they'll read tomorrow morn when they wake. And up to Christmas, they'll be receiving an item or 2 from Guinea Lulu...hope my creativity will last that long. :)

There...all I did today to keep my mind saint. Well it's 2:30am now, I'm not asleep..keeping watch over my kids. That's what mums do..because they love their children. I love them like crazy...and all I want is for them to be well...see my tears? Yup..just want them to be well. Enough is enough, virus be gone!

p.s Despite being sick, my lil one went on her usual hunting.
Jo's catch of the day ...a rather large house lizard


Divoo said...

with such a loving mother around, virus will have to run away soon!! i love the bed and the pillow that you made for Lady Guinea! :) Even San was down with flu since a week, but she's better now... wish your kids a speedy recovery and peace to your mind... :) waiting to know how kids react to the Guinea's letter :D

gail said...

Oh, how I pray that they are well even as I type this!

Martha said...

thank you Div, glad your little one is better now. Both girls loved the little bed and have written a letter to the guinea. :) Awaiting the luggage tomorow morn. :)

Thank you dear G for upholding us in prayer. :)

Kiddothings said...

Thank God it isn't Dengue. That's such a cute idea with the Guinea Pig. And lovely painted cards too!

michiko--blogpost-blogspot.com said...

It is a good news Isn't Dengue.also not whole family, the last year my younger son's family has a bad virus in their stomach and it took two weeks
to get better.
I keep in my prayers.
Take care yourselves too.

Carolyn said...

Those are not simple cards. You're brilliant! I'm so glad that it's not dengue. Glad that getting better too. That's a great idea - your mini project. You really love them like crazy..:) Ewww...that lizard. Salute your daughter Jo lar!

Martha said...

yes, we're glad it's not dengue. bt whatever it is, is pretty bad too. It's day 9 now as I write, and Jo's fever spiked last night. Hope this is really the last.

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