9 Dec 2011

Designing a house for Lulu

Toda we decided that we'd take time to design a house for our magical visitor, Lulu the Guinea, who's been dropping off stuff for the girls everyday,  and will continue to do so till Christmas.

 We started by first designing her house using   HomeStyler,  which is really user friendly. The free program allows users to design rooms, add furniture, accessories, design gardens and even paint the walls and countertops. What I like is that it also allows viewing in 3D and panoramic form! :) With that, we began designing Lulu's House. Well...Nel and Jo worked together on this (not without some squabbling and arguing in between...) and with help from me, we finished designing it today.
Plan for Lulu's House done by Nel and Jo with some help from mummy

3D view of Kitchen, done by N and J

3D View of Living Room by N and J
Nel's Room Design for Lulu with attached bathroom. (We couldn't get the tile in bathroom to change colour, but it was supposed to be blue tiles.)
Jo's Design for Lulu's room

Then Jo wanted to add a swimming pool. So we had to google "Do Guinea Pigs swim?" And we discovered, yes they do. However some like it, some don't. We're gonna assume Lulu does, so we added the pool.

Final version of house for Lulu

Now that's all done..I've one problem. I've never built a house except for a Lego house and basic cardboard house. We'll have to figure out how to do this. May take a week, or 2 or a month or never.....but hopefully...very soon we'll get a house built..maybe not exactly but something close enough or far enough.


Mini Mocha said...

That is one fancy house! Goodluck building this one.

marie said...

You are one awesome Mom! You're kids are so lucky. My kids love stuff like this. Your guinea is posh.

gail said...

I like it! No real guinea pig could compare!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I think I'd love living in your guinea pig's future house! I love that yourdid this. It looks like a great program and a lot of fun. :)

Jessica said...

That is quite the fancy house. I think any animal (or human) would be happy living there.

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Haha..this Lulu is quite rich huh? I would love to have Lulu's house. :)

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