10 May 2011

Angry Bird Puzzles by Jo

I don't have an IPhone or IPad, but occasionally when we're at my bro's house, my girls get to play the Angry Bird game. Despite the very few times J's played the game, she's been inspired by it!

Last night, she drew a series of Angry Birds puzzles and asked her dad to play with her over dinner time. Here are some of her drawings.. :)
Puzzle 1- simple

here she's given her daddy 1000 points! ;)
more options now, and the super big bird is the Eagle. haha...

Notice how's she's got lines thru it? This is how she plays it. "Mum, which bird do you want to use?" I pick a bird, and she draws a line through and X-es out some pigs. There's also a huge eagle in this one 
The three boxes on the upper left hand corner are additional buttons for extra powers
As for Nel, a good friend, dear Aunty Gladys gave her a bunch of lovely books!

Nel engrossed in her book (but she doesn't want to be photohraphed, but she's made a peace sign there! :) )
As for myself, I've not been painting much lately. Here's something I did just for fun. Just playing with colours on paper. Did this by wetting the paper, adding colour and moving the paper around to allow the paint to flow randomly. Then I added the outline of the cross based on how the colour flowed. And i thought the lower colours looked like rock formations, so I added the rock outline. Simple art.
Last Sunday, being in a hurry to get to a theatre show on time, I told hubby "no time to go to a restaurant tonight, let's just feed our chicken the children rice."
Jo: I know how to spell kiss now mum. It's spelled K I X.
Jo after Chinese class. "mum, today 3 boys told me they love me. Lu, Ho and N" (my goodness, and they're only preschoolers!)


mumsgather said...

Your "simple" art looks very good indeed!

Martha J. Lee said...

thanks mumsgather. :) but really it is just a play of colours. :)

gail said...

A beautiful play of colours! Nothing I could do.

J's imagination is amazing!

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