10 May 2011

Charlie and Lola

We love Charlie and Lola Magazines. My girls love it and look forward to every new issue. It's basically a magazine full of cut outs, craft ideas and stickers.  The picture on the left is our latest purchase, not opened yet.   Last month's issue was all about keeping a pet dog. Since we have a pet dog, my children loved that issue.
Somedays like today, I abandon traditional work books and  just use stuff like this magazine for Jo's morning studies. We read through the magazine (very easy reading), and did the craft ideas as we went along.
A drawing page which Jo worked on..not totally completed yet.

A Doggie which Jo made totally on her own out of a piece of white cardboard. I like her 3D dog, though it really looks more like a sheep :) . ( I only helped her fold the legs so her doggie can stand) .

So this is Nel's doggie, she made it all by herself too.


gail said...

Geniuses! My nieces are geniuses!

I, too, like "Chollie" and Lola! He is the best big brother ever!

Martha J. Lee said...

hahaha G!! that's hilarious. Well, that makes you a genius too! :)

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