27 May 2011

Bits of stuff from this week.

A Child's Introduction to Poetry: Listen While You Learn About the Magic Words That Have Moved Mountains, Won Battles, and Made Us Laugh and Cry
I found this absolutely lovely book at the library. A Child's Introduction To Poetry by Michael Driscoll. Nel and Jo absolutely love it!

In a fun way, it introduces children to various forms of poetry such as The Villanelle, Limerick, a Haiku, Ballad, nonsense verse and many other forms. My children love the examples given, they've actually taken it upon themselves to memorize several poems (and haiku!) from here.

Not only that, they've been making up their own rhymes and haiku's. Rather humorous ones, and I've been listening to them. An example of their works:

      Puncher - By Nel
       A Paper  was punched by a puncher
       The Paper was torn into pieces
        The Puncher was knocked by his Mrs
       And they all fell down on a teacher.

  Haiku by Jo 
Lollipop, rainbow
Sticky marshmallows melting
dancing in a pool
Little House in the Big Woods (Little House, No 1)

Other than that, Nel's currently reading several books, one of which is Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. She especially enjoys books about animals, warm fuzzy stories and humorous stories.

As for Science, after the field trip to study plants and pollination
 a few weeks back, Jo planted a garden consisting of papaya trees and pumpkins. Sadly stray cats dug out the pumkins just as they were beginning to sprout from their seeds. The papaya plants made it, and as you can see, I'm going to have a lot to eat in the future.

Jo's Papaya Plants

My blue flowers (I don't know the name) have been blooming on my back fence and my kids have been making blue water with these flowers.
Jo collected weeds (she thinks they're pretty) and made this lovely arrangement for my kitchen.

She also made this -frozen strawberry in ice, which she ate early this morn. Imagine iced strawberries in ice for breakfast!

And this what I showed my children how to cook today, fried chicken. Place chicken pieces in a plastic bag, add salt, pepper, paprika, tumeric, curry powder, additional spices, flour, and crackers that's been pounded to pieces. Mix all and fry.
That's all for this week. Looking forward to the school hols.

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