9 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's Day. After church, my children went over to Jun's house. Apparently they had made plans for a mother's day surprise. So sweet of them.  :)

While they were there, hubby and I headed to the mall where he bought me a new pair of sandals. I'm the sort of person who prefers comfort first, and thus you'll often find me in shorts, t-shirt and sandals. My pair of sandals gave way last week, and I'm happy to receive a new one.

After shopping, we picked my girls up from Junee's and they surprised me with these items...

home baked brownies-absolutely delicous!

chocolate covered strawberries which were sweet and juicy!

pop out card by my dear Jo

the other side of Jo's card

a butterfly card from Nel

Jo's painting on a wooden frame

nel's done during art class.

I  certainly had a Beautiful Day! Happy Mother's Day to all.

A post I wrote on FB..

It’s Mother’s Day again, the 9th I’ve celebrated now. Every year the church I go to requests all mothers to stand up on Mother’s Day to be prayed for, and to receive a gift of appreciation. I remember feeling so happy and overjoyed the first time I stood up with the other mothers, proudly acknowledging that I was then officially a mum. Even my hubby smiled with pride. Haha….Such joy :)
Before I got married, I used to look at full time mothers and think, “there’s NO WaY I’m ever gonna live that way, full time mum! Never. Career will be first!”
So when I had my first baby, I continued working full time. Then came time when she took her first few steps and became a toddler. During those days, I remember getting into my car every morn with a heavy heart, as I watched my toddler standing on her wobbly feet, clinging on to the grill, crying “mama, mama… I want mummy….”

Within a few months, I decided motherhood will come first above my career. I quit full time and trusted God to provide sufficient income through part time teaching. He did. So I ended up doing what I said I’d never do. I became a full time mum with  few working hours, just enough to pay for nitty gritty things. I’ve never regretted since, and believe I’ve made the best choice.
Now I’m a mum of two, and spend lots of time with them. I still work everyday, but the morning’s always theirs.

Motherhood has brought out the worst and best in me
.~~ It has brought out all the creativity in me as I find interesting ways to teach and mentor my children.
   ~~ It has also made me realize that I’m NOT as patient as I thought I was and that I can be very grumpy and impatient! Haha..
        ~~   It has given me sleepless nights from nursing babies at night to staying up with them when they’re sick.
               ~~  It’s made my voice louder from shouting ;P.. and sweeter from singing lullabys :).
~~ It’s made my mornings beautiful with lovely warm hugs from my precious ones.
                 ~~  It’s taught me to say “I’m sorry” even to little ones, and it’s taught me the meaning of true forgiveness as little children forgive so easily.        

There's a thousand and more things that motherhood has taught me, but this is just a short note.
 Through motherhood, I’ve come to know my strengths and weaknesses! But mostly it's the wonderful feeling of loving and being loved just as I am, happy mum, or grouchy mum. :)
 I’m indeed blessed to be a mother as I'm sure all you mums are.
Happy mother’s Day to all you are all blessed!


mumsgather said...

You are certainly right about how easily the little ones forgive. :)

Martha J. Lee said...

yes they do. Happy Mother's day to you!

gail said...

Sounds like you had a delightful day. Isabella said, "Yummy!" when I showed her the picture of the strawberry.

You sum up motherhood so well, Martha. Your children will "rise up and call you blessed."

Martha J. Lee said...

sweet Isabella. :). G you could do that with her, i'm sure she'll love the process of drinking melted choc while drizzling it over strawberries.! :)

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