23 May 2011

a mini birthday party

Birthdays are never big affairs in our household. It is important though and usually just celebrated amonsgt family members. Well this time my child requested the presence of a few good friends and after some deliberation, I agreed. So it was a busy weekend of shopping for ingredients and cooking.

 As I was preparing the food .. I caught myself regretting a few times and wishing I'd just paid Pizza Hut or Burger King and hosted our party there. But in the end, after all the fun and fellowship, I've no regrets and must say we all had a wonderful time. :)

mangoes for starters

I baked spinach quiche (well 2 actually with different types of cheese)

the sliced up quiche which went pretty quickly

Stuffed eggplant (baked). This was a lot of work.
Green curry which my mum made. (Spices blended and made from scratch.)

A very delicous pie which a friend brought
Then there was the usual, sausages, sandwiches (2 types) dessert and cake.

 For games I hung up a target, gave the children water balloons which they used to hit the target. As I was taking pictures, at one point a water balloon broke in mid air and I got pretty wet.   :) I also bought bubble blowers for every child.

This morning, I think I'll rest a little before heading out to work later.

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