25 May 2011

I remember - by Jo my littlest

Jo nel mummy dad dog cat hat sam God good bad [words typed by Jo herself.] haha..

I remember (by Jo aged 5+) [dictated by Jo, typed by mummy word for word]

I remember I went to Frasers Hill

I remember that I visited Jakarta

I remember going in the aeroplane

I remember always going to the library with my mummy and sister

I remember I ate ice cream

I remember I always read the Bible and pray and I love God

I remember seeing a frog's nest in Frasers Hill

I remember I once saw a snail in the garden

I remember kissing my mummy ..always

I remember going to the capati shop [Indian bread]

I remember I always love my grandparents and father and mother and cousin

I remember that I scratched Ian with the hanger accidentally

I remember Lou pushed me

I remember I used to play with Lyd when I was kid. I'm almost not a kid now, coz I'm almost 6!

I remember I once threw myself out of the window, just kidding. [grin]

I remember I threw the pancake at my own face. just kidding again.[another cheeky grin]

I remember I once went to Tasik Kenyir and played with my friends on the boathouse.

I remember I drank milk shake and ate in Secret recipe.

the end.

[My last Post- A Beautiful Day - From Nel's Perspective]


mom2kiddos said...

Your little Jo has a sense of humour! I must get my boy to do this activity with me. Thanks for the idea! :D

Martha J. Lee said...

yup..have fun. :)

gail said...

I remember you being a baby, Jo!

martha said...

so sweet G, yes you were there at my blog when I wrote about her poo poo days. :) So many years already G. (hugsss)

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