18 Aug 2015

Survival Class with Raman

My kids especially Jo, has been really, crazily, interested in the topic of  survival. She's bought lots of survival books, and has read My Side of The Mountain by Jean Craighead George at least 5 times! So to satisfy her "thirst" we signed up for several classes with Raman in Gombak.

At our first meeting, we were greeted by Raman's wife on the road side. She then walked us pass an Orang Asli Village, and then through the tunnel below.

After trekking a short trek uphill, we finally arrive at our first rest point, where most activities are conducted.

On our first day, the kids were taught how to cook rice in bamboo. First rice is divided into tiny portions and wrapped in Daun Bemban.

Once wrapped, the wrappings are placed gently into a bamboo and then bamboo is filled with water and placed over the fire.

While bamboo is placed over the fire, the children were asked to skewer marinated chicken onto skewers made of bamboo too. Then chicken is slowly cooked over fire. The fire must be watched at all times to make sure chicken is not under cooked or burnt. Raman told us that for extra delicious flavour, to use wood from Rambutan trees.

While Raman looked after the fire, his wife, Jumima took the children into the forest to look for Paku leaves.

This is how the edible leaves look like, and only young shoots can be eaten.

Later after a great and delicious lunch, Raman taught the children how to start a fire. Below- Bamboo shavings are used as a starter.

He told the children that best to create triangles with hollow spaces between for the fire. Twigs are placed above bamboo shavings. Once the fire is stable, a larger log is placed above and another platform of twigs or branches on top.


Our delicious lunch of chicken cooked over firewood. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Yumm!

Cooked rice which the children prepared earlier on.

p.s wear rubber shoes if going, some slipper paths. Bring mozzi repellant, and most of all, must NOT be squirmish of leeches. Lots of hungry ones there!

Before we left, he showed us the leaf below, Selaput Tunggul, when crushed, its juice can be used to treat minor cuts or to stop bleeding from leech bites.

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