8 Aug 2015

Jo turns 10

Jo had been talking about her coming birthday for months and months. When August arrived, she kept insisting she wanted to bake her own cake. But alas our mixer broke down. So at the very last minute we bought a plain cake, some fondant and she decorated her own cake. We learnt that fondant melts in warm temperature, so it was quite disastrous after a while working with STICKY fondant! But thank goodness, she managed to sculpt her mermaid and a few things before it began melting.

She tried making royal icing without a mixer, but it didn't get stiff enough....and so the icing melted down the sides.

In the end she added lots of "sprinkles"and chanted as she worked, "Sprinkles and sparkles saves the day."

We also discussed the number of guests and decided we'd keep it small. So she invited 10 of her closest friends (especially friends who had skates). We had it at the extreme park, and the kids had a great time skating and playing self invented games.

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