25 Aug 2015

Survival Class 3

Today's class we had to trek about one hour up some rather steep terrain. We were looking for a new spot to build shelter.

On the way, we passed by lots of Daun Bertam (palm) plants.

Some of the paths were new and Kak Jumima had to use her parang to cut away branches and vines to  create a new path.

Once we arrived, F and Jo were asked to look for firewood. F started the fire and Jo looked after it. The rest had to go help gather daun Bertam to make our temporary shelter. Because it had rained in the morning, ground was soggy, and there were lots of leeches.

Kak Jumima did all the chopping, while girls helped to drag the slightly thorny bertam leaves down.

We each then had to weave the leaves. 

Nel did pretty well, although Jo's was a little awkward. She was better at keeping the fire going.

Raman set the poles up and began placing weaved leaves in place.

knots were tied using long roots.

Shelter completed.

More leaves added to the back for more protection from rain. All that done, we sat down to have lunch which tasted more delicious then ever, as it always does after much hard work!

Raman showed us the Tongkat Ali pant. Roots are like ginseng. Leaves if burnt and crushed can be used to treat skin ailment, said Raman.

While looking for firewood, Kak J screamed and shouted, "Ular!! Ular!!" We snapped pictures of this beauty and sent it to Steven. Turns out it is a Wagler's Pit Viper, but the OA call it "Tunggu Bulan." It is Venomous so...stay away!

Update: Back at the jungle again the children took up the challenge of building their own shelter from scratch, this time without Raman's help. It was a true learning experience, from learning how to shave wood to create poles with spiky end (to be grounded at least 6 inches below), to weaving leaves together to create roof etc.
Job well done by the kids!
Moth Pupae in basket cocoon.

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gail said...

Wonderful lessons. I am an inside girl!

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