28 Aug 2015

Some random art

 This is still incomplete. We were reviewing what we learnt in  Bali. Balinese Art. 
1)Draw picture, include lots of lines. Outline lines with darker pen.
2) Paint first layer with Chinese Ink. Include shading. Before starting dilute Chinese ink into different levels of black.
3) When done, add some colour (not done yet).

 After a long time of not painting, it was hard getting reacquainted with water colour. First attempt after a long long time. (Painting based on picture of a calendar given my friend.)

 Trying charcoal again after several years...(You can tell....I've not been doing much art.) Well...I was working on this halfway, when I woke the morning, I found that someone had added the picture on the left together with the words! hmmm....:)

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1 comment :

Divoo said...

Art is art. I really like the first artwork. Full of lines and shades. You should draw and post more! :)

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