21 Aug 2015

Jo teaches on Newton's Law.

This year we decided we'd let the children take turns teaching chapters from the science text book we're using. We're doing a unit on physics and chemistry right now.

Jo chose to teach the chapter on Newton's Law. She basically did her own research and taught the class pretty well.

She ended it with a few experiments.
1)  Swing a clothes hanger around finger with a coin sitting on it. (Objects in motion stay in motion.) The coin will remain and not drop off. (First law of motion and centripetal force.)

2) Place one sheet of newspaper on a long ruler on the edge of the table. Let ruler stick out by about 5cm. Punch down on ruler and see what happens. Did you know air pressure weighs about 2 tonnes?

3) Create own Newton's cradle by using thick ice cream sticks to create a slim, rectangular "cradle." Place marbles inside and test Newton's Law.

4) Balloon race! Design own rocket, stick to balloon. Attach straw to balloon, then slip nylon string through the straw. Tie string across the room and let the race begin!! (Newton's Third Law.) This was fun! :)

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