22 Aug 2015

Nel Teaching a Class on Atoms.

Nel's come a long way in co-op, specifically in talking in front of her friends. Year before, she could barely stand and talk, and had to hide behind large cardboards. In this respect, she is like me. I've talked to her about  how I used to be like that, and encouraged her to overcome through baby steps in a safe environment.

So she took the challenge and taught the chapter on atoms at co-op. Most of the time she talked quite confidently and managed the class quite well. Yes, baby steps, slowly overcoming. :)

Creating atomic structures using playdough.

This was a cool experiment. 
1. Prepare yeast by mixing it with warm water, then allow to sit for about 3 minutes.
2. In a different bottle, mix Hydrogen Peroxide (6%) with detergent and some food colouring.
3. Pour yeast mixture into H2O2 mixture and watch the reaction! This reaction actually hit my ceiling fan!!! It was fancy and wonderfully exciting for the kids! So they tried it over and over again!

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