18 Aug 2015

Survival Class 2

Survival Class No. 2

So we found ourselves in the jungle again...this time with long pants tucked into long socks, after getting several leech bites the class before....especially the bite right in the belly button!

Our first job was again to harvest Paku for lunch. For wrapping food this week, we used Daun Bemban and Banana Leaf. Raman taught us that to lessen chances of tearing the banana leaf during wrapping, place leaf over the fire first. This changes the texture of the leaf a little, making it easier to work with.

Always skewer  chicken pieces right in the middle of the skewer so it can sit nicely on top of the fire. Skewer chicken pieces length wise, and make sure they are packed together.

Instead of rice, Jumima taught us to make traditional OA food. Basically mix flour with lots of brown sugar and water. Paste must be quite thick. Then wrap in banana leaf or daun bemban.

Can you tell which is banana leaf and which is daun bemban? Once wrapped, slot them into a bamboo to be placed into the fire. Make sure not to squish them tightly.

Wrap paku with a bit of salt and chilli padi in leaf and place into bamboo to cook over fire.

Children were also taught to make own bamboo shavings to use as fire starter.

Below: Just a week ago, this very log was used by the children as the throne of the fairy queen. Yup they had lots of play time in between and invented lots of stories. Children were surprised to see that a week later, lots of mushrooms have sprouted on the very same log. Raman said that he too had never seen mushrooms of this sort before. Hmmmm....must be all the fairy stories the children invented that brought magic to this log. :)

The flour dough cooked. And of course, we had it with delicious chicken and paku.

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