18 Aug 2015

Co-Op Getaway

Our little Science Co-op is now many years old....(I can't recall when exactly we started, for we started and stopped several times before we became committed to it.) Though we are just four families, we make a total of 13 children!! (Thanks to the Ch's..ahem.)

 This year, we were especially blessed because, finally, the Ch's were able to join us. What a blessed time it was! :)

We booked the Lutheran bungalow in Camerons, and so happened no one else had booked a room there, so the entire premises were ours for the three days we were there. The place currently can take a maximum of 28 people (but are in the process of expanding.) We had all our meals out in town, as their pricing for catered meals are a little pricey, and we could eat out for much cheaper.

 Well...while we were there, the children made full use of the compound, playing ball games in the large tennis court, and inventing their own games.

Sometimes they'd explore the little garden patch there or swing for hours while chatting away. Oh my it did them good, coz they all came back with rosy rosy cheeks.

Even the dads went a swinging! which I found quite hilarious.Somehow...you know, three men on swings, reliving childhood? Male bonding I guess.

Night time, the kids planned a midnight feast...and this got them into trouble with the caretaker....!

On the first night, some of us (namely mums) went for a midnight walk in the cool night air, while the dads chatted indoors. While walking we came across these beautiful Birds of Paradise...and wondered why they strangely seemed to have eyes. We walked closer to find snails on the flowers!

On the second day....trusting the children to look after themselves,  we parents snuck out in one van to enjoy delicious scones and tea at the Lord's Cafe Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands. Prices were really reasonable and their strawberry scones were really delicious.

On Sunday, we had the shortest Church service ever. Three of the children played on their guitars and violin to provide music accompaniment while dear hubby song led. The very short sermon was given by Uncle CF....and no sooner than when the last Amen was said to end the service, the children vanished.....out into the open air to play to their heart's content before check out.

What a blessing to spend those few days with co-op. Co-op is kinda like a little "village"...where parents know one another and each other's children. It's where you watch your children grow and learn together...as the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child."

 Now back home, the children say, "I wish I was still in Camerons." Well...till the next trip.

[The lutheran has a very strict policy of no eating own food on their premises...not even snacks...and they have a rather...errr....[insert adjective] caretaker.... Just mentioning....in case you plan to go with a large pack of children who tend to get hungry very quickly.]

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gail said...

We have a place called The Fellowship Deaconry. It is run by Lutheran "nuns" and the food is filling and tasty.

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