29 Feb 2012

Road Trip to the East towards SokCho (Korea Part 5)

About the 5th day into our stay in Korea, our dear hosts decided to take us on a road trip. This was a wonderful road trip, driving through the Taebaek mountain range towards the East. Our final destination would be SokCho.  Our first stop was  Daegwallyeong mountain. This is a really beautiful area. It wasn't very crowded while we were there because of the very cold windy day, which is good for us I guess.

There are 2 ways up to the sheep farm, one via a proper pedestrian road, and the other trekking through pine forest. Of course, we chose to trek.

Our kids jumped right into the snow.

And we began trekking. We had no proper trekking boots for snow, unlike the serious trekkers we saw on the way. As a result, Lu tore his boots. I warned my girls to keep on track and not to step into deep snow. Well you think they'd listen? Barely a quarter ways up both my girls  had their feet stuck in deep snow at least once, resulting in very wet socks (and painful toes!)

As usual, our kids ran ahead like pros, worrying our Korean hosts who tried hard to catch up. THey kept saying "Your kids very strong...very tough." 

Jo on the trail

As for me, I felt like I was in heaven. Just taking my own sweet time, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the beauty surrounding me and listening to classical music which could be heard along the trail. This climb took me back to my childhood days when I used to read of fairies and magic in snow covered pine forests.

Some ways up the trek we came to this farm house.

And here's my child Nel finding her way down the slope, laughing and saying "It's so beautiful mum!" Ah...the beauty of the scene before us....

Saw this photographer photographing the hut
Part of the view from where we were.

Daegwallyeong sheep ranch. We got hay to feed the sheep and Jo spent a lot time at it.

Nel however was more interested in the Sheep Dogs. This particular one loved to play and was a sharp catcher. No matter how Nel threw the stick, the dog would catch it.

 This particular doggie loved Nel I think. For when it came time to leave, this doggie fixed her gaze on Nel, and kept staring and staring till we were out of sight.

hugging some of them..



Seoraksan is known for its Autumn beauty, but since we were in the area, we decided to visit.

 The river is almost dry during the winter season showing off its bare rocks.

 As we trekked up the slippery path, we just had to...have a snowball fight. Oh yeah, my girls hit me hard with em balls, and I did em too. haha.. :)

 At the top are these rocky formations. Here's where I got lazy while Nel decided to keep climbing.
Jo checking out the river and got her white pants covered in red mud! :)
on a cable car ride up

To end it all, of course we had some really delicous Korean ice cream. :)   The next part of the trip would be skiing and some really good seafood in SokCho.


Mini Mocha said...

some beautiful photos you have taken. You definitely have captured the beauty (and cold) of where you went.

Martha said...

thank you MiniMocha. :)

marie said...

As usual your photos are stunning! I am certain my kids would be running ahead with yours, they have no shortage of energy.

I love your posts because I didn't even know it snowed in Korea.

lee na said...

So sure they would love the snow...come to me in winter:)

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

You really take good pictures. You sure you're not a professional photographer huh? It's is really so beautiful!

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