6 Mar 2012

Craving Solitude

I'm a busy mum. I work, I teach, I do most of the house chores, I cook, the list is endless. Sometimes I get burnt out...often, I crave solitude, time alone.

Just today, after a very hectic and rather chaotic class at StART...(a whole new bunch of kids from several different orphanage homes suddenly appeared in my class unannounced, and etc etc..I leave you to imagine how it was..), and with all the extra work piled up from the holidays, I needed my cave, time alone.  I got off work,  drove off in the madness of the evening traffic, my mind wondering, hands and feet moving in auto mode... expecting to get home late, pick up Nel and Jo and head off to mum's for dinner. (What a blessing to have a mum who cooks some days!).

But lo and behold, the traffic for some reason cleared up after a while, and I managed to get home just some precious 20 minutes before my girls got off from Chinese class. I needed that moment of quietness and I received it. I spent those moments pouring out my soul over my piano playing random notes, just listening to the echo of the sound, connecting with an Awesome God....and I felt release. (An excerpt below...)

And then, at night when my dear hubby tucked my girls into bed...I still had that something in my heart...and thus this piece of unplanned art. Unplanned art is a wonderful tool of release, of expression. I  took a piece of blank paper, chose colours that I "felt" (just as I chose sounds on the piano that I felt), and just started painting unplanned, random strokes on paper. Pouring out whatever into that paper.... and here's the art work. I guess, I shall just call it "Craving Solitude."

Martha 5/3/2012


gail said...

Alone time is so delicious. I crave it but don't get it as often as I like.

I love hearing you play. Praise be to Him!

mellymilly said...

I know the feeling. Nice painting. Would love to meet u in person one day :)

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Like like like! The song and the picture! You're so talented. Glad you got some me time. We always need it from time to time to keep sane..;)

Divoo said...

I love the 'alone time'! At times, I send Papa Dear and San off for grocery shopping and spend that time in listening to music, cooking in peace, or just smiling at nothing! :)

That's a nice piece of artwork, Martha! Great talent! I always enjoy coming in here! :)

Martha said...

Divoo..I like your idea. :) But that if the tired papa is willing to go out. hha..

Thank you Carolyn, Milly and Gail. Random improvised art and music is medicine for the soul. :)

Good day to you all. :)

marie said...

AND you play the piano?!?! Your music is so lovely and calming. My Lila is taking lessons from my mom and I do hope she can play like you one day.

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