29 Feb 2012

Some of the food we ate. Korea Part 6

Part of why I love travelling is tasting different food.
Here's some of what we tried:

Samgeoksa. Grilled then wrapped in a salad leaf with a variety of picked vege.

Bulgolki. Tender and delicous!

Sang Ge Tang. Chicken stuffed with rice, cooked in ginseng and herbs. Soothing and delicous on a cold day.

Silk Worms. I had to pay my girls to eat this!

Live squid, served raw. Dip in sauce then feel it's tentacles wrap around your mouth while you try to chew it down.

Buck wheat rolls stuffed with kimchi and ground meat.

Buckwheat cold noodles.

Buckwheat jelly

buckwheat pancake

I know not what this is, but we had it raw too. Didn't really like it though.

Sashimi, fresh in SokCho
roasted squid stuffed with rice mixture

and a whole lot of other food....which after a while made my tummy rumble and ache so I had to fast for 2 days before it was good to eat again.

To my dear friends in Korea (I'm sending you this link), you remain close in our hearts. I'm glad we're like family that God has brought together. I cherish all of you and love you.

road-trip-to-east-towards-sokcho Part 5



1 comment :

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

The first few pictures look like what you can get at a Korean bbq restaurant here. But I'm sure the original taste in Korea must be better right?

You're really a daredevil. I wouldn't dare to eat those silk worms and live squid! goodness gracious! were they even good?

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