29 Feb 2012

Fish Market (Korea, Part 4)

While in Incheon we visited several markets. One of the most memorable was the fish market which sold a large variety of life seafood, so fresh that they let you try them raw! And so I took my Korean friend's challenge and tried some things raw while the kid went oohing and aahing as if in a large marine biology class.

We were fascinated by the wide variety of seafood available. Most of all it was exciting coz almost all seafood found here was alive and fresh. We nearly got sprayed by a life octopus, and ate one live too!!! Felt the tentacles sticking on the mouth palette as we downed one.

Lots of fermented shrimp and crabs. Tried some raw, fermented crabs too. Interesting taste.

Seagulls at the market

Feeding the seagulls the silkworms we bought to try. We ate only one silkworm each (and I promised Nel some money for this!) and fed the rest to the gulls. :)
Incheon Park is where the kids spent hours and hours playing with their cousins and new found Korean friends.

A huge whale in the park!

Beautiful 3D Mosaic on various walls in the park. When I viewed this, I was reminded of the lovely mosaic art by Prof Chan in  Turtle Alley.


gail said...

You ate live octopus?!

Martha said...

Yes G we did. haha...Was reluctant at first, but the taste was quite nice though.

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Beautiful pictures you took but live octopus? I'm going to faint just reading that you can feel the tentacles on your mouth palette. You're so brave!

cell said...

wow aren't your girls adventurous? wonder how you chew a squirming octopus!

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