29 Feb 2012

Korea Part 1

When Nel was 3 years old, she made 3 wishes. The first was to see snow. That wish came true this year. On the invitation of a close friend in Korea we flew to Korea to be reunited with her and family.

While we were there we made a road trip to the East, we traveled to several places via subway, got squashed once in a horrid crowd in Seoul's subway and became pro at getting around, visited several shopping streets and lost my kids once.

Most of all, we experienced the tremendous warm hospitality of our Korean friends. These are friends whom we met more than 15 years ago when they were foreigners in Malaysia. My parents took them in like family and till today we keep close contact. This trip as we visit with them, my children got to meet their children and so our friendship is passed on to the next generation.

We left Korea joyous with the wonderful time of reunion we had, and yet sad to say goodbye. We hugged, whispered our "I love you's" before saying goodbye. We've promised to visit with each other again sometime soon and I look forward to that.

Well, I checked my camera and a total of 1000 something shots!! Here's just a few and a brief summary of our trip to  Korea in the following posts.

road-trip-to-east-towards-sokcho Part 5

This blue bird is common in Korea and has a very clear and distinct call.

On a walk along the river in Central Park,  Songdo
Map of Korea
Subway Map in English  (Best to print your own in English, as the one provided were all in Korean)


gail said...

So happy you were able to make this trip?

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Beautiful pictures it looks like a start to a wonderful journey in Korea.

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