1 Feb 2012

Why I love Riverfront in Kuching

 Long walk with my lil gals.....ice-cream and occasionally sampan rides included.

Watching people go by...

A long row of interesting shops with LOVELY knick-knacks

Cats!!! I buy a wooden cat/animal whenever I'm there. I have a growing collection already! I pick, hubby bargains. I love hunting for unique animal carvings, esp cats.

Nice baskets. I got myself one this time to put library books in.

More irresistible stuff and jewellery of course! Love earrings and unique necklaces made of beads.

Love unique works of art and the designs on them. Have not bought such pieces though, too expensive and hard to carry home.

One can learn a lot from antiques. They're like treasure..and I'm fascinated by them.

Natives used this to carry their babies on their  backs.

My girls got excited about these birds by the riverfront coz the V formation was something we learnt about in Science.

Yup...so if you love knick knacks like me, this is a lovely place to visit.


gail said...

Once again, I love seeing the world through your eyes! Also, you had me at earrings!

marie said...

I am not a huge fan of knick knacks but I love shopping. Lila on the other hand has about a million little pet shops, she loves little animals.

Divoo said...

lovely pictures! love those bags and jewelry :D

Shanda said...

I love these photos. I love travelling and going to markets and seeing all the cool and different stuff. Thank you for linking with me!

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