7 Feb 2012

Painting and Horses

So what's your day been like? Mine's as usual rush rush. *sigh* While eating lunch this morning my kids commented "Mum, you're eating too fast again!!"  I looked up at them, realised how my heart was pounding fast, my mind was already on the next chore to be done...and I was just rushing in my head. I was reminded to slow down. I guess, it's just part and parcel of a working mum? I find myself panicking sometimes during the day when time runs short,  and sometimes losing patience with my child. I need to slow down.

Well, after a long day (yes, I worked today despite the public holiday), I came back and relaxed by painting. It's strange, but an introvert like me unwinds by refocusing elsewhere. I always need an outlet for expression, and outlet to destress...and it comes in the form of working on Sudoku, creating music on my piano, painting, photography, swimming, or walks (used to be bowling!). So for this week...when all work's been done, I've been working on a painting. This is only my second attempt ever at oil painting. I'm experimenting, reading, and trying. Well, it's only day 2, and probably many weeks to go as I slowly add layers. Let's hope this turns out well. (Any tips???)

First sketch

little one accompanied me and just had fun feeling the paint on her paint knife

Day 2. Some dark colours on stairs and wall. Also added basic shades on cats, but no details yet. No idea yet on what happens tomorrow or the day after to this painting. Painting is therapeutic. 


 As for the girls, for many years they've been bugging me for horse lessons. I've always said no, as lessons are way too expensive. I remember loving horses myself when I was young. I dreamt horses, read books and books about horses, but never got to ride one till my college days when I signed up for several cross country riding experiences which I cherish.

Well, my girls have the same passion for horses as I did. Nel loves books about horses,  Jo even runs like a horse with her head bobbing up and down. In her head, she's always a horse of some sort! haha...    Well, finally found a place that offers lessons for a really reasonable rate...so here we are, the girls' dream come true, horse riding lessons. :) Nel's really loving it! As for Jo, she said "My favourite part of class is "Sitting Trot" where you just have to sit." :D

Nel and cousins getting ready for class

Jo in action

I love visiting this stable

Not a clear photo, but this horse was cheeky! haha.. :)


gail said...

Really like the pic of the cheeky horse!
Like all you art, you will figure it out. I am sure your oils will be lovely.

marie said...

Horses are the best! My mom grew up on a farm and when I visit my uncles it is so fun to ride and run the horses, I love it. Glad you found some reasonable classes.

Stem Cell Therapy in Dogs said...

I love painting but seems like painting don't love me at all. You might be a very busy person, working something all day long. I like your painting idea but I don't like the way you mix the colors. Anyways you really did a good job!

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

It's amazing how you can squeeze in time to spend with your girls and take them to places with your busy schedule!

Your painting looks fine to me. I'm sure the final result will be good.

Real cheeky horse over there!

Rachael said...

What a wonderful blog you have! It looks like you all have so much fun together.

Divoo said...

haha! that cheeky horse is cute! :) i always get so much inspiration from your posts and adventure stories, Martha... inspires me to indulge myself in what i love to do... maybe, i should write more! :)

Martha said...

yes, write more Div, your poems are good!

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