2 Jul 2015

Templers Rainforest Air BnB

Once a year we get to holiday with this lovely group of friends. It was a lovely trip that came and went by too fast. At the end of it, the children asked if this could be a monthly affair. Hmmm.....

The main organizer, dear SN,  decided we'd try this new place Templer Park Rainforest Retreat. At first I expected it to be somewhere deep in the jungle, but it was really in a housing estate. The area however, is large, 3 acres in total. That meant lots of space for the children to run and go wild.

As for room arrangements...since there were so many of us,  and ALL the children wanted to be together.....we decided that the largest room would go to all the girls, the second largest room to ALL the mums and babies, one large room for the boys, and one for the men. But do you think men being men, would mind  sharing a room? Of course not. Like anti socials, they placed themselves far as possible from one another, and only one took the room, my dear hubby. :)

 It was an interesting night. Felt like I was a teen again at a girl's camp, sharing a dorm.... except that we were all women bunking in the same room and helping to soothe waking babies at night. :)

Food was again prepared by our dear friend Lattifah, who runs a catering business.  All in all..good food and good company always makes a really lovely holiday, and it certainly was!

The look-out deck where the children hung out at a lot.

Four main rooms in this chalet. 

Large room which ladies shared. Comes with extra sofa bed and canvas beds.

Lots of Hammocks 

Two small rooms here. Very small rooms, and very low ceiling.

Largest caterpillar I've ever seen, the length of my hand.

Lovely place to breakfast and rest in the hammocks....overlooks the golf course.

The pool that kept the children occupied most of the day.

Spaghetti for the children, and BBQ chicken and fish with sambal for the adults.

The trip happened to coincide with Nel's birthday so we ordered a cake for her from Lattifah.  Nel is a beginner at German, and requested that this be written on the cake. Well...we learnt now that this is not the proper way to say Happy Birthday... Still this was a really delicious cake that the children gulped down immediately.

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gail said...

I hope it was a relaxing time for you! Looks lovely.

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