24 Jun 2015

Pua Kumbu Exhibition at UM.

"The Pua Kumbu To the Iban of Sarawak, the pua kumbu is not just a blanket. It is a sacred ceremonial and ritual textile. The word pua in Iban means 'blanket', kumbu means 'to wrap'. Together, the two words mean a 'grand blanket'. However, the pua kumbu is very seldom used as a sleeping blanket. It is reserved for the times when men and women seek an encounter with the spiritual." (http://www.fascinatingmalaysia.com/unik/pua.html)

Rafia string is used to tie strands together to create pattern before the whole thing is dipped into dye.

After the dye is dried then thread is woven across

Natural materials used to create different dye colours

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