21 Jul 2015

Camping on Perhentian Again.

Two years ago, we did a road trip east and camped on Perhentian Island. (Blog Post Here.) That trip remains fresh in our memory because it was so memorable. This year we decided to return to Perhentian, but to camp on Perhentian Kecil instead of Perhentian Besar.

But first a stop at Kuala Terengganu for delicious lunch, and a revisit to Turtle Alley, which we first visited on our road trip east 4 years ago!! While walking along China Town, we also discovered, a really tiny museum...mostly photographs, of Baba Nyonya heritage. I hope they grow that display.


We also revisited boat making workshops on Pulau Duyung

After  hearty lunch of Sambal Sotong dan Petai (yummmm) and nasi lemak for the kids, we made our way to Jerteh. I never knew there were padi fields in Jerteh.

Our GPS brought us to this vast expanse of padi fields and announced, "You Have Arrived!"  Hmmm!!!   

We eventually found our room for the night, a room above some shops, Emma Guesthouse . Very reasonably priced, and most importantly, clean and non smoking.

Early the next morning we met up with our camping buddies at Kuala Besut Jetty and set off for the island!! The boatman called himself Schumaker of the sea, and true to his word, he drove like crazy, making the speed boat bounce way up high, causing our butts and head to ache with each "Thump" on the waves, and cracking most of the eggs we brought!!

First sight of our camping spot! Rainforest Camping Perhentian. The main tent belongs to Wak Lan, the owner of this camping resort. Wak Lan is extremely hospitable and a humble man. He told us that we were the first Chinese family to camp on his ground and he was surprised we wanted to camp.

Path to campground, some steps uphill about 100-300 meters away depending on location of tents. Not very suitable for the elderly I think. 

Tents were provided. We were privileged to have brand new tents and airbeds! Campground also has toilet facilities and running water. However,bath area is open so no naked bathing! :P 

Cute sign, but necessary....coz a trail of HUGE black ants. A bite from these ants sting like crazy! I know coz I got bitten. 

See the little kitten next to Nel? It bounded after her when she went to check out the blue waters. The beach here is secluded and private, which was lovely. However, our previous campground on Teluk KeKe had better corals, right where we camped.

Wak Lan our kind host provided the children with an inflatable mattress which they played with hours on end.

We also borrowed a Kayak from the next beach

Snorkelling was awesome as usual. I think the children were most excited at seeing rather large sharks (Blacktip sharks). However, we did notice that in some areas a large part of corals has been destroyed. Swimming there, my husband found and collected beer bottle and cans, which we discarded off properly after. I felt sad for the fish. :(

Sunset was beautiful......and at night we lay on the rocks and watched a sky filled with stars. It was MOST awesome, that while we were there, we saw a really big bright shooting star, travelling quite a distance over the dark sky. Mesmerizing!

Meals are provided and campers are not allowed to cook own food on this campground. Most meals cost about RM 10 per person, and drinks RM 4 and above.

Total Cost:
Boat Ride 70RM per adult (round trip), 35RM per child (round trip)
Camp Site - Two Men-Tent  - RM50/tent
Snorkelling - Adult RM50, child RM30
Food on campground est about 90++ per day for a family of four.

After three days, reluctantly we left campground and headed back to KT, where we spent a lovely day with close friends. What a change to have delicious Austrian food instead of camp food (although camp food was pretty good too!)

Goulash and baked Wild boar, followed by delish Ricotta Mango dessert.

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gail said...

I don't know of any other family who travels so much! Your children are blessed.

Martha said...

hi G, ya we travel...but it's mostly local and camping! That saves us on hotel bills! MOstly we travel to learn and explore nature. :)

Honey4Boyz said...

Hi, we are so fascinated by the camp pix. Do you mind to share the camp contact person so we can plan our trip too! Thanks, Cheryl

Martha said...

Hi, you can find them on http://www.hostels.com/hostels/perhentian-island/rainforest-camping-perhentian-island/98609
or via facebook. They'llreply via email.

Honey4Boyz said...

Thank you so much. We hv made the booking! Any tips for 1st time campers r welcomed!! Do we need to pre-book the boat to the island? Or hop onto anyone at the jetty?

Martha said...

how exciting. :) Once you arrive at Kuala Besut Jetty, lots of bikes will tail you. They are boat operators. We went with Safe Park. which is on left side of jetty area coz they provide parking. since this camping place comes with facilities...I think only thing you'd need to bring is a sleeping bag or blanket...(but it can be warm there at night), mosquito repellent is a must, swim suits (open air bathing), sunblock and basic necessities. Enough cash for boat, snorkelling and meals. All the best and have fun. :)

Martha said...

One more thing. . Good to pack your belongings in plastic bags in case of rain. N bring a water proof bag to put gadgets when you go Snorkeling. If planning to eat in malay village during Snorkeling trip bring extra t shirt n shorts. Swimsuits not allowed in malay restaurant.

Honey4Boyz said...

Thank you so much Martha! Tis is precious advice. We hv no idea wat to expect as we're mostly 1st timers! Thanks again.

Honey4Boyz said...

Hi Martha
We made it to the Camp!! Almost chix out last minute cos weather forecast was bad every day of the week. But it's sunny day every day when we're there!!! We enjoyed our 1st camping together very very much. Prices hv gone up though - the tent, food, etc as compared to your trip. Thank you so much again. Enjoyed your blog!!

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