26 Jul 2015

Learning Traditional Dance

When DPAC announced that they were providing free Malay dance classes for two months, we immediately signed up.

Initially I signed up Nel only. Jo would have NOTHING to do with any form of slow dance. So she declined.

When I brought Nel to her first lesson, I wanted to learn too...so I enrolled myself. We really enjoyed ourselves. The teachers were extremely patient, and enthusiastic despite teaching during the fasting month. We learnt how to dance the Joget and Inang. I think we enjoyed the Joget best of all. This month they're teaching Zapin and Asli. I enjoyed the dances as well, but somehow Nel doesn't really like the Zapin music. Perhaps she isn't used to the music.

But it was also a great bonding time for us, especially when they had us dancing in pairs, and I especially enjoyed the group performances with choreography.

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