12 Jul 2015

Learning- Renewable Energy (Sg. Congkak)

Co-op had a lovely outing, where mums got to rest, and the dads took over the teaching for the day!

In the warm morning sun, they learnt about Solar Energy (taught by my dear hubby who did a great job!)  Then they went on to learn about wind energy (taught by another dad), and kids made a model of a wind turbine. As it wasn't a really windy day, they had to use a hand fan to make it move.

That done, (phew so many lessons.....but they were each kept short) we went to the river, where they learnt about water energy. Some of these lessons are repeats, but was worth a repeat, especially since class was conducted outdoors!

fast flowing water caused the attached bulb to light up

Classes done, it was time for the best part, picnic and a swim in the cool water!

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