11 Jul 2015

Land Animals

Co-op Science learning has been going great! After completing about 6 months of lessons on forensic science, we moved on to study land animals.

The children did not find this module as interesting as Forensic Science, probably because Forensics involves mysteries, solving them by looking at clues, chemistry etc.

However, we did have several highlights, including :

1) A herping trip with MNS to learn about amphibians and snakes.

2) A trip to the zoo to observe and learn about apes and bears.

.......But before that......can you colour in a panda without looking at it?


The poor pandas looked so sad and tired in the zoo enclosure.
3) A project about hamsters in which children created a maze for hamsters and timed how long it'd take them to find food.

First video: First attempt by hamster to find food. It took about 3 mins and 30 seconds.

Second video: Second attempt by same hamster.  Took it less than 30 seconds to locate food!

The rest of the classes were in the form of presentation by the children. They were sometimes nervous, as they were actually teaching their peers. However, most did well for a first try. :)

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