6 Sep 2013

Forensic Science - Blood Typing and Blood Spatter

Co-op learning has always been something my children look forward to. Our co-op started several years ago with just 2 families. Now we're 5 families, and we've decided this is the max we can be so every child benefits fully from each lesson. I will write more about Co-op another day. Well, this month we started on a new unit, an exciting one, Forensic Science!

To kick start this unit, we borrowed story books where crime scenes and mysteries were the main plot. We also watched this short interesting video -  where detectives try to solve the mystery of a half eaten cake. (Children loved it!)
During today's class we discussed the role of blood analysis in forensic science. As preparation, children reviewed blood components on their own at home, and played this wonderful game, Blood Typing Game,   to learn about blood typing.

At Co-op the children were given a mystery to solve. Who killed the Victim? 6 samples of blood (artificial blood, made of milk and colour) were labeled and provided. Children had to gently pour blood into anti -A, anti-B and Rh serums to determine the blood type of each suspect/victim/blood found at murder scene.
[*Anti serums actually consisted of water or vinegar, which were pre-prepared in selected containers. Clumping will occur when vinegar and milk combine.]

Based on the results obtained, children discussed possibilities of who suspects were, and what  happened at crime scene.

Part II 
We headed outside and using stuff from the kitchen, we made artificial blood. I think the children really loved this bit!

We then ran several different tests to study blood spatter patterns.
- We tested dropping artificial blood we made from different heights to study patterns formed.
-We walked/ran at different speeds to see how the patterns differed.
-We dropped multiple drops from different heights.

Children plotted results on graphs, and made sketches of patterns. We also discussed how blood pattern analysis helped in crime solving, and what information it provided. (Eg. weapon used, direction victim was walking, timing of crime etc.)

Of course, there was fun involved...creating gory scenes. :)

Co-op ended with older children cooking lunch, which was spaghetti (colour of red!) and tomato juice (colour of red!!)

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gail said...

What fun! It makes learning easy.

kidscre8 said...

This is soooo awesome!

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Erm..artificial blood looks real! Eeek. But very very interesting nevertheless.

Here I Am Carrie said...

What a wonderful world this would be if every child could have the creative and fun learning that you give yours. I can see they really loved playing with the fake blood.

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