12 Jan 2013

Some books and yarn art.

The girls, especially Nel, have been doing lots of reading. Nel reads a new book every two to three days. She has this habit now where she has to read before sleep. Some books she read this past holiday that were favourites include   The Hobbit , Five Children and It ,The Phoenix and the CarpetStar of Light by John, Patricia St,  Folks of the Faraway Tree and  Throwaway Daughter .

Just some very brief random thoughts on books..

 Hobbit- We loved the book and looked forward to the movie. Well we enjoyed the movie too, although we were a little confused at some parts as there were new characters such as the Orc and the 5th wizard. The kids thought the humour with the trolls and a lot of conversation was better in the book.  However, we're looking forward to part 2 of the movie.

Star of Light (Christian Literature)- This book was touching and sometimes moved us to tears. It's basically the story of how Hamid takes a long journey alone with his blind little sister Kinza to bring her to an English nurse who loves and cares for street children. He has to do this in order to protect his sister from their father who plans to sell Kinza to a beggar. Well...I highly recommend this book if you're looking for good Christian literature.

Throwaway Daughter-  is a book about Dong- Mei who is fortunate to be adopted by Canadian parents from an orphanage where her mother left her. She eventually makes a trip to China to look for her birth mother and discover the reason why she was abandoned. For Nel, I guess, it was eye opening reading about China's one child policy, why sons were preferred over daughters and such.

The other books she loved because of the "magical" elements and suspense.
As for Jo, need I mention? Reading more books about mermaids of course. Well...she's added Roald Dahl to the list, mysterious stuff like the Snow Queen, and her latest love, Paddington Bear.  Other than that, we're reading the Secret Garden. Most of the time though, she is drawing, making paper games and puzzles and playing imaginary games.
She made this carriage with wheels and turned her cousins into horses.

We've been also looking at Huichol Yarn Art and symbolism and decided to try making our own yarn art with symbols that are meaningful to us. It will take several weeks to finish a piece of art as we add yarn by yarn to our work (when we get time.) Here's the beginning of our work.

 The above is Nel's. She's been working on it and putting her heart and soul into it. She plans to finish it. It is hard work!

 The above is Jo's. She doesn't plan on finishing it, too tiring it seems. Obviously she did the mice because she loves her mice, Pipsqueak and Lucy. Her mice have been doing very well, but recently Lucy has been sick. Jo's been hand feeding her water daily, giving her extra love. I've warned them that mice don't live long, and I'm already sure she'll cry buckets if Lucy passes on.

 This is my yarn art. It is tiring if you plan on adding lots of details, yet therapeutic doing this. I anticipate finishing it in several weeks.

Yup...lots going on. School work's progressing and I'm back to teaching. Don't know what the rest of the year will be like, but we will trust God in all things.

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Z said...

I think its a great habit to read. I wish I could, make my kids read too.
Kudos to you!!!
New reader here.

Divoo said...

Reading is a great habit. I love reading a nice little story or magazine before dozing off. :)

Love the yarn art! I'd never see in before and I love what you've made! Inspiring stuff! :)

gail said...

Wonderful! Please come back to fb!

Mini Mocha said...

J also read Star of Light and he said it was a very good book. We are going to read The Hobbit soon and might check out some of the others thanks.

Michiko Johnson said...

I highly recommend this book for good christian literature.
Why son's were preferred over daughters and such.
The other books she loved because of the magical of course.
Well she's added roald Dahl to the list mysterious staff like the snow.
Games and puzzles and playing imaginary games.
They has a good reading the book that I need so much for me!!

Martha said...

Thanks for popping by Z. I started them off by reading lots to them, and glad they've picked up the habit now. :)

Martha said...

hey Div, :) So you read before bed time too. :) I do too sometimes..if I'm not too tired, or if I've a good book I can't put down. :) Yarn art is fun, your little one can try a smaller piece too. :)

Martha said...

hey dear G, I will soon in time. :) I'm enjoy the fb off days for now. :)

Martha said...

Star of LIght is indeed wonderful, and we're orderingg some of her other recommended books. Looking forward to them. Enjoy the Hobbit..it makes wonderful family reading. I think your boys will love the rest too, but Throwaway Daughter might be too serious.

Martha said...

hi Michi, :) haha..your last line is funny. I think golf is better for you? Keeps you iin good health. :) xoxo

marie said...

Thanks for the book recommendations, I am always looking for great books for the kids, I definitely want to put 'Star of Light' on hold at the library, sounds like a touching read. Even though they read a lot on their own I still like reading together now and again, it's fun to all hear the same story and be a part of it at once.

Martha said...

hey Marie, yeah, hope you find that book. It's definitely worth a read. Make sure you get the full version and not the abridged version. My kids read a lot on their own too, but they still enjoy being read to, and it's a wonderful famly activity. :) Happy Readng.

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