28 Jan 2013

Making Kueh Kapit

With Chinese New Year around the corner, we were invited over to a friend's house to join in the fun of making Kueh Kapit (Love Letters) together. According to my mum, years ago, it was tradition for cousins and aunts to come together to make cookies and kueh kapit  in anticipation of the joyful celebration of Chinese New Year. I guess, this is a dying tradition, and were were really fortunate to be able to experience this together with our friends yesterday.

Started making batter at 9am. Ingredients are family secret, so will not post here, but you can find some online. However, it mainly consists of rice flour, coconut milk, eggs and sugar.

Prepare mold by applying cooking oil

Heat up mold on BBQ pit before applying batter

Pour batter from top to bottom, just once will do, or it will be too thick. (Mold MUST be hot when applying batter.)

Once done, place molds on pit in sequential order, and turn from time to time, check. Doesn't take very long before cookie is done. They are ready when colour is brown. Just scrape sides, gently pull love letter out and fold immediately. (If not folded immediately, cookie will harden.)
Kiddos helping put batter and turning mold.

This s what happens when molds are not checked on time!!

Delicious Kueh Kapit. Yummmm.....

This was our first ever experience at making Kueh Kapit. I'd say, it takes TREMENDOUS patience to apply batter, look after all the molds, turn them, scrape the sides, pull out and fold. It was back breaking for me, although I only sat there for about 2 hours. My hats off to my friends who sat there from 9am  to 8pm!!!

To chill off after our morning kueh making, we went jungle trekking.

Can you spot the kids?
Chilling out at the river..

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marie said...

With those ingredients you really can't go wrong. They remind me of fortune cookies but I am sure they are much tastier. There is something so satisfying about teaching our children to cook, bake, create food that feeds and nourishes. I always look forward to a break in school so the kids can spend more time with me in the kitchen.

gail said...

They remind me of Italian rosettes. Sending hugs to you and yours, my dear sister.

Divoo said...

Great cookies! A very Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!

Martha said...

they taste a little similar, but these are much thinner, and more crisp. I love the children cooking their own stuff too,makes my load lighter. (although sometimes they can leave a mess!)

Martha said...

I've not had rosettes, so I wouldn't know. Thanks dear G. Hugs.

Martha said...

Thank you dear Div. :)

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

It was a nice experience even for the kids, isn't it? My mum calls it love letters instead of kueh kapit and we used to have it rolled. The burnt one looked like an oreo cookie..hehe. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family, Martha!

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