15 Jan 2013


It's just been a little over a year since the girls started having ballet lessons, Nel reluctantly and Jo excitedly. A year has passed, and the tables have turned. While Nel looks forward to ballet lessons, Jo's always asking "When can I quit."  I don't want her to quit just yet, and coincidentally, the teacher's just measured them both with the promise of new skirts, and for that reason, Jo has decided she'd like to stick on a little longer.

As I sat there watching the children at work,  I pondered and wondered why my children weren't like their attentive, wonderful classmates who are so excellent at ballet. Instead, I have Nel, who is so super self conscious she doesn't like people looking at her. When given instructions, she looks away, and it takes her a lot of effort to muster enough courage to dance in front of her classmates.

Teacher: Does your child Nel really want to be in ballet, she's always looking elsewhere when I talk to her.
Me: She's actually a shy child, and I was hoping ballet will help her be more comfortable with herself and at self expression.
Teacher: Oh, now  I understand thanks. Next time we'll close the curtains then so audience won't be a distraction to her.

Then  I have Jo. Jo who doesn't care even when the teacher is staring at her in anger. Jo who's often lying down flat on her tummy, wiggling around while the others are hard at work. Jo who's right in front of the mirror, mouth wide opened, starring at a new found cavity.

Teacher: Does your child Jo really want to be in ballet? She's too mischievous.
Me: Sorry teacher, I'll talk to her.
(Lots of warning before ballet classes for Jo.)
Teacher: This is last chance for Jo, or I'm going to ask her to quit.
Teacher on the following month: Jo, your last chance or I'll downgrade you to the baby class.

Well...TODAY, the teacher came out and I thought, shoot, another complain. But what I heard was "Well, Nel has improved a lot. She's gaining confidence and beginning to dance well. Jo's also shown some improvement."

I smile and say thank you, heart happy for once. *happy sigh.* It's true, Nel's come a long way. She herself told me, she doesn't feel so nervous now performing in front of her friends. And where she usually requests to dance with a partner (never alone), she managed to dance ALL ALONE last class. Am so proud of her accomplishment. As for Jo, she's paying more attention. She still wiggles on the floor and does silly things, but at least not as often as before.  Let's hope this continues.
P.s we're also very fortunate to have an amazing ballet teacher who's great in every way. Which is why I want both  to stick on.

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Divoo said...

I'm glad that Nel and Jo are getting better at the Ballet classes now. Kids take their own sweet time to get used to things and then do surprisingly better at times. Love to your girls!

gail said...

Wish I could watch them!

marie said...

I am so glad they've both stuck with it long enough to learn that hard work does pay off and nerves can diminish. Whether it be dance, sports, acting, etc. I think all kids need something that takes them out of their comfort zone and stretches their mind. Good job on helping them stick with it.

Michiko Johnson said...

Nel doesn't feel so nervous with her friend.She managed to dance which is both to stick on.
I think a little an use all citrus I thought sharing beautiful looking I was thinking about nice to eat with launch time.
I think Jo and Nel was five ears ago..some how one of my friends having time with them...
Also there mother was school teacher.
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad they're both sticking with it and improving. Dance classes, I think, are so important...and they teach so much more than just dance.

Martha said...

Yes, some kids just fit rght in, some take time, like mine. :)

Martha said...

...which, watch Jo wiggle on the floor? *wink* haha...

Martha said...

I agree with you Marie, which is why I'm not allowing Jo to quit, especially when I know she has potential. And and yes, Nel is beginning to get stretched out of her comfort zone, and beginning to feel a little comfortable in it. :)

Martha said...

hi Michi, yes, you've been a long time blog frend, and seen the way they grow. I wish you a lovely day too Michi. :)

Martha said...

I agree with you Christina. It's much more to just learning to dance. It's discipline, group work, confdence, expression and so on. :)

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