1 Jan 2013

Last days of 2012

We had a short getaway before the new year. As usual, we headed to our favourite resting place, the hills. Just a few photos below.

We were having a walk, when suddenly a heavy mist descended upon us. The girls were so excited and it grew kinda dark for a while. We felt like we were walking in clouds. So exciting indeed.
We did some art on socks. One side by me, and the other by Nel.

Watched this bird take a delicous drink of nectar

Jo's Photography

Looked for twigs and built this structure

Nel's Photography. Rest are in her own compact. She took lots of photos of caterpillars and birds.

Jo took this shot coz she says, the trees in different distances create different heights.

Kids wanted to learn about Swifts so we took a good look at these nests. Phew...what a smell (stink!!!)

A walk after the rain led us to this beautiful web covered with drops of rain.

Another web covered with drops of rain

Latest interest...rocks and stones. I suppose I will have to get some books on geology.

Beautiful flower on wild banana plant
We also stopped to watch this spider build its web.

Then while walking we chanced on this very peculiar thing...liquid on weed. But when touched, the liquid doesn't fall off. Wish I knew what it was. Excuse the early morning voice.

Finally, on New Year's eve, I spent the most of the day at the hospital checking up my nose, which has not functioned well since my transsphenoidal surgery to remove tumor from my pituitary gland. It gives me occasional headaches. This is the third ENT I've seen, and I think he's solved the problem. What he says is that during my previous surgery, the surgeon created a path in my nose. This path is causing my mucus to flow inwards and recycle itself instead of flowing out. Only way to correct it is by another surgery. We're waiting and not rushing into it yet. Giving it a month to see if it will improve itself first. Praying, Hoping.

Couldn't resist adding one more picture. As I was uploading these pictures, there was the sound of blender whirring downstairs. Twas Jo at work. She just came up and served me this delicious dessert she made. Basically blend vanilla icecream with fresh strawberries, icing sugar and whipped cream. Chill, serve with blueberries and cherry. Yummm....Great job Jo!

In mean time, looking forward to 2013. Praying for a good Year. :) Happy New YEar all.



gail said...

Hoping and praying you heal without surgery, Martha.

marie said...

That little twig house is totally something my kids would make, in fact I think they have :) Love that your daughter feels so comfortable in the kitchen and is allowed to create in there, Happy New Year!!!

Michiko Johnson said...

Happy New Year!
1. The socks one side by you are Nel.
2. A beautiful looking bird.
3. Jo's has good looking photography .
4 I love sood looking twigs Nels has will down beautiful photogrphy.
5. Jo has a good create different heighrs.
6. The rain has dros of rain both one.
girl looking roks and stones made for some books.
I wish your nose improve soon!
Have a nice day,

Divoo said...

Lovely pictures, as always, Martha! Wish you a very Happy New Year! Hope your health is fine now. I was on a 2-month long vacation in India and came back on Christmas last year... missed out on all blog updates! You're very lucky to be staying close to the hills! :)

Martha said...

thank you dear G for prayng with me. I too hope it will heal with prayer.

Martha said...

Dear Marie, guess our kids are similar in the creative aspect. Wonderful that kids are able to be so accustomed to nature and enjoy all it has to offer. :)

Martha said...

Thank you dear Michi for your comments. :) YOu have a nice day too. :)

Martha said...

Wow, what a lovely vacation then! Must hop over and check your blog. Happy New Year to you too dear Div! :)

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Hi! I hope it's not too late to wish you Happy New Year! Nel is really growing up fast huh? She looked so tall in the first picture and is really good in art like you too. Her socks art looked as pro as yours. ;)

Only through your pictures, I can get to see nature depicted so well in your photos. I've never seen a caterpillar so furry or thorny or whatever you call that! Great video of the spider spinning its web too. How come I never get to experience this all? I guess it's because you took the time to stop and smell the flowers..:)

You really brought up your daughters so well. Even have a delicious dessert made for you! Must get some tips from you lar..heheheh.

Martha said...

hi Carolyn, Happy New Year to you too. Yes, she's been having growth spurts! As for nature..it helps to walk slowly and look between bushes. haha..:) It's something I look for coz guess, I enjoy it. I'm sure your children will discover these beauty too if the look for it. :) Blesed New Year to you and family. :)

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Happy New Year Martha, thank you for you recent visit and comment. I can see here by your blog how much you also love nature and sharing it with your children. You life must be so filled with so many special moments. You photos truly show those times. I just love the socks and your children what they see with the camera as well as so many of your beautiful photos. I will enjoy following you, but right now I am off to our winter home in the desert where I can hike and explore more of nature. I won't have internet for 3 months. So hope to come back in the late spring and check out what you and your children have been up too. I will keep you in my prayer that your nose problem is resolved without too much time taken from you most blessed life. From the snowy world of Canada. Carrie

Mini Mocha said...

I wish you well, feel better and hopefully avoid the knife if possible. Totally agree with taking the time to assess things. Well wishes and prayers.

Martha said...

thank you so much for dropping by Carrie. I enjoyed your snow photos so much. Yes, we love nature and cannot get enough of it. :) Wishing you a peaceful holiday and will look forward to your photos after you're back.

Martha said...

Thank you for your prayers. :)

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