31 Oct 2012

Our Mice, and Special Art Project for a Special friend

Can't believe how fast time flies. It's now almost 2 months since I underwent surgery to remove a tumor found near my pituitary gland.  I've gone back to work, but am still cautious about my activities. Just last weekend, I thought it'd be safe to swim. What a huge mistake.

After the swim, I began developing a headache, and by night, the pain was so unbearable I thought I was surely going to end up in the ER again. It felt like there was a knife and electricity in my head. Since my husband was away, all I could do was just to pray and pray and pray. The horrendous pain lasted till about 3am, when suddenly I felt like ice cold water was being poured inside my head. Then somehow, I fell asleep. In the morning, the headache had reduced to a dull headache. Thank God that there is prayer and God to turn to in time of need.

Since I can't do much outdoors yet, we've been doing lots of reading, and little projects. Kids have made a huge variety of playground for their mice. Sadly, I didn't take pictures and playgrounds have been torn down. However, here's a few pictures of our mice. Not very good shots as it's been gloomy and rainy outside, and there was insufficient lighting. Nevertheless, here are some pictures.

First mouse to land on planet milk. :)

Our kids named this male Pipsqueak. Here he's trying to conquer the world in 80 seconds.

This is a blur picture of Lucy, she looks like she's guilty doesn't she? Plotting an escape perhaps? ;)

Another blur shot of Lucy. She was attempting to play this traditional instrument, but fell in instead. haha...

Finally, today with all classes canceled, we decided to work on a special project for a special person who's not been well. We're just praying and trusting that he will be well. Nothing is impossible. These pieces will be mailed tomorrow.

Jo's art work  -ink and colour pencil.

Nel's art work - Ink, colour pencil and water colour

Mine done in watercolour. It's been sooo long since I picked up the brush. This was a third attempt after two failures. Get well C! Prayers with you.

@poundthegarlic.blogspot.com 2012

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With sadness, Mr. Choo from Save our Seahorses passed away in June 2013. An excerpt taken from their webpage.
    "9 Jun 2013, Save Our Seahorses Malaysia bade farewell to its Founder and Team Leader, Choo Chee Kuang after a long but incredibly brave struggle with cancer. Chee Kuang will fondly be remembered for his pioneering work on seahorses and the conservation of their precious seagrass home in Sungai Pulai, Johor."

Rest in peace my dear friend.


marie said...

Lovely watercolor, I am not an artist at ALL, but I should try once in a while with the kids.

Headaches are the absolute worst. I would rather throw up for days than have a headache, hope you are feeling better and can manage all that that entails.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Absolutely love your painting!!

gail said...

So glad your headache dulled. No swimming!

Looks like the girls are taking after you in their creative bent.

Martha said...

Thanks Marie...managing here a day at a time. :) Yes, watercolour is fun. GO ahead, grab a box of watercolour, get the right paper and brush to enjoy it. Have fun and post pics if you do paint. :)

Martha said...

Thank you ChloeRuoyi :) . Painting is something I've come to love recently. Well..a love hate relationship depending on how the painting turns out. :)

Martha said...

Tx G. yup no swimming. :( Creativity..both girls are different. Jo drawn and paints almost everyday, Nel prefers making things with her hands. I...only when the mood prevails. haha..

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Cute mice! And wow! 3 different painting from 3 different ages! Each beautiful in their own special way. But I must say your art is a m a z i n g!

Martha said...

Thanks Carolyn. Yes fro three diff ages, perspective n ideas. :)

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