18 Jan 2013

Random stuff and more yarn art

 Jo's hair often a tangled mess. Yesterday  as I tried my best to disentangle it just minutes before her ballet lessons, I grumbled and told her how sticky it was, and certainly fit for a spider, and probably teeming with all sorts of creatures. I've warned her that I would cut it if she still continued to ignore her hair. So to test me,  she's ignored her hair continually.
To prove to her I meant what I said,  I've cut it twice now, from long to medium and then to shoulder length, still she doesn't care, and continues running around with messy hair.

Apart from that, she's an affectionate child who sends me lotsa love notes. Like she recently sent me on a treasure hunt...and at the end of it all, this was the treasure...a HUG. :)
 This was the treasure  I found after several clues around the house, a HUG. :)

Nel, Nel has been feeding the stray cats in the back lane. There is a blind kitten, and she's named the blind kitten "Kinza," after a character she's read in Star of Light. It's almost impossible to believe, but her blind kitten sleeps on the poky fence in our back lane. When she first told me that, I told her "Go lay an egg Nel". But yeah, I saw it for myself. Here's prove for you, captured by Nel on her camera.

Kinza, the stray kitten fast asleep on the fence. (Promise she's not dead but very much alive.)

A random prayer while driving on the way to ballet:

Nel: Dear Lord, thank you for a great day, great parents and a great sister (a very rare prayer for her to say so.)
Jo: (opens her eyes) Wow, I'm a great sister!  *smiles, laughs, giggles.*
Nel: (hard stare at Jo!)


Jo: Mum, baby birds need to eat every 3 minutes. Some birds 900 times a day. (We learnt this during our study of birds.) Mum, if I ate as often as a bird, would I be able to fly?

More Stuff with Yarn. (Our Previous yarn art is still in progress.)

Dyl came over and did this. Nel helped add all the sequence and sparkles.

 Today's yarn art, done by Jo. She's adding stuff under now, and we're gonna turn this into a turtle's shell.

Jun teaching Nel learning how to make friendship bracelets.

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gail said...

Oh, what a delight she is!

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Jo is such a darling and is never tired of her dream to fly. LOL.

Nel is always so kind hearted. That kitten is really unique. Ah friendship bracelets. I got some from friends last time. Memories..

marie said...

That little treasure hunt is the sweetest thing EVER!!!! What a darling daughter.

Martha said...

that's how lil children capture our hearts. :) Wish I could freeze their childhood moments forever.

Martha said...

Nel just loves animals I guess. Her ambition till age 9 was to be a vet. Not syure what it is now. :) yes, Jo still has dreams to fly. LOL

Martha said...

It certainly is. :) I was tickled and touched when I saw the treasure...a hug from her. :)

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