3 Feb 2013

When I am sad, I pray.

A few good friends enjoying time together at a mangrove in Johor some months back. After a time of playing they turned to writing on the sand. Words like "God is Love," "I love You", "Friends Forever."

A little space away, Jo was writing something. I wondered what she had written..

She stepped away, and I saw these words, "When I am Sad,  I Pray."

How lovely those words. It is a reminder to me, that when times get tough, when things are down, I can  turn to GOD and pray, then allow God to lift me up and carry  me on.

On our way out of the mangrove, we found this lovely seed, in the shape of a heart. Beautiful isn't it. How beautiful are God's creations. :)
  Remember to love your family, 
hug your children,
 tell your spouse you love him/her,
hug your parents.
 Switch off the computer and TV and spend quality time with people who mean the most. :)

Happy Chinese New Year to all who are celebrating.  :)

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Michael Khor said...

Me too... :-)

Good to read your jottings again.


Divoo said...

What a feel-good post this one is! I'm glad I read it before going off to sleep. :)

marie said...

How grateful you must be for such a sweet child. And what a relief to know that in the hard times that happen with life she will have the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with them.

Michiko Johnson said...

I think about that words! I love your family and also nice to know your sweet child.
Also all people are having a computer and TV ...
Thank you for always everything told us.

gail said...

A very happy New Year to you, my dear friend.

Martha said...

Thanks for popping by. Safe trip as you all celebrate CNY. :) Blessings!

Martha said...

Yes, it was a reminder to myself too. Have a wonderful week ahead Div. Love to Sans. :)

Martha said...

I guess, that's the most important part of parenting to me, guidng them, that they will be able to make right decisions and knowing GOd is their strength.

Martha said...

DEar Michi, love your family stories too. Take care my good friend. :)

Martha said...

Thanks G. Looking forward to reunion with long distance relatives and close family members. Not looking forward to definite weight gain after all the dinners lined up! :P

Mini Mocha said...

So very true! Sometimes we need reminding.thankyou

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Lovely words and reminder, really. That seed is so special, it's like a message to you..:)

Yes, switch off the TV and spend quality time with your family but sometimes when you're about to do that, they get angry with you for turning off the tv..lol.

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