16 Oct 2012

Tower of Straws

Five doctor's appointments this week! In the mean time, it's been a long time since I've posted stuff on the children's activities. Here's something we did in August, before my surgery.

Earlier this year, I gave Jo some toothpicks and playdough and had her make shapes. She discovered the tetrahedron's strength on her own.

This time, I gave my children and their friends a whole bunch of straws. Their goal was to build a high tower, that would be able to support a bag of beans. The first group, comprising of younger friends, built a really tall, wobbly tower, (which I called the tower of goo.) :)   The tower which was taller than 4 feet, stood for a while, and then twisted and folded like jelly. But they had lotsa fun building it.

The second group, had to build a tower, while taking note of length of straws (especially when cutting), stability, and I wanted them to incorporate the tetrahedron shape. They weren't too meticulous and the mums came in last minute to help even out lopsided sections. (And the mums had fun doing it too. :)  )

Building the base of the tower.

Tower getting taller (and really didn't get very tall at all). Lots of red tape, I think the children rather enjoyed the process of taping more than measuring!

Finally, the tower that started off well, began to become lopsided when they lost focus. However, it managed to withstand the bag of beans (in plastic bag on the top right corner),  for a total of 19 seconds, 1 second shot of the 20 second goal!! .:)

During the weeks where my constant headache started, it was public hols, and so I kept the headaches to myself and continued activities as usual. One of those days, we went for a picnic at the Templers waterfall. It was great fun.
 Going behind the falls
Climbing slippery rocks carefully,  and just enjoying the cold cold water.

 A pretty damselfly dropped by

 Lots of fun just watching children build castles, catching tadpoles, collecting rocks,  shooting waterguns and just having fun. :)
The trek to the falls though was heavily guarded by leeches! The brave children made it. :)
 A group of strangers who wanted to trek in with us (1 hour ++trek), freaked out when one of the teen girls got bitten. They screamed, jumped and ran off still screaming despite us shouting "Come back, come back!"  (and they didn't even look back or say thank you or goodbye, it was really like a comedy! :D) 
 So that left the falls entirely to ourselves.  (wink) Lovely. :)

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Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

That's a fun activity! Can copy your idea. hehe.

It's nice going to a waterfall but the because it's slippery it scares me a little. Too many horror stories I think.

How are you btw?

Divoo said...

Great to see you enjoy all these activities in this phase of recovery. And that's the way to handle it, i guess! :) Hope you're feeling a lot better than before! I wish we had a waterfall like that near our place so we could go there for a picnic too. :)

gail said...

Have missed you, dear one.

Martha said...

I've missed you all too. Div, I did these things wayyy back in August. Just updating now. But I look forward to resuming such activities with my children. :)

Martha said...

Hey Carolyn, have fun while you try it. :) Maybe even a tower of jello? :D
Waterfalls are fun, but practice extra caution to minimize risks and accidents.

Martha said...

Hey, Div, yes, am feeling better day by day. :) I'm sure there are falls like that in your area, just have to discover them. At least the woods there are much more fun, no leeches. ;)

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