3 Oct 2012


just briefly jotting thoughts down. Headaches still persist, usually on upper left of head, worse in mornings. Pain near left ear, and behind the head. Sinuses still clogged.
 Also taking a variety of meds- decongestants, antibiotics, medication for heart palpitations, and meds for headaches. I think this combination is causing the abdominal pain i feel on the lower right (similar to the one I felt after my C-section op.) I did go do a scope on this before, but all they could say was IBS.

As I watched travel channel on TV today, I really really craved to be outdoors again, craved to be free. I'm just longing to be able to do anything I want without worries or nagging pains that creep up here and there. I'm really craving for this. And so I'll have to keep pressing in through prayer especially, trusting God that the healing will be complete so that my Joy may be complete. In the mean time, I give thanks because blood test results have come back, and I no longer have to take my hormone pills. :)

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