2 Oct 2012

Schooling when I was down

(apologies to those who commented or shared this post earlier. I accidentally deleted it, and here it's reposting. Thus those who kindly shared this post earlier will find the link invalid, and all comments gone. :(  )

Just found out post pituitary op that I have major sinus infections. ENT recommends another surgery but at the mention of the word "surgery" after my recent brain op I felt like fainting. No..no more needles for a while, there is a limit as to what I can handle. Thankfully he said I could try medication and antibiotics first to see if it will help alleviate the headaches. My reason for writing...is to tell of what happened to my children through all this.

I was fortunate that my parents were willing to take care of my children. Mum went and bought all sorts of  workbooks.  When I came back, I found my 7 year old working excitingly on std 3 science books (with ease too), grammar grade 4, ahead of her level, and on maths rather unwillingly and grumpily. :) My older girl,  already an independent learner just worked by herself mostly, only dreading writing skills. Most of all, my mother has been training them, so that they make their beds first thing in the morning, keep the house tidy, wash, dry and fold their own clothes etc etc etc. And I've  found them to be so much more matured  and disciplined in household matters now. :)

They learned sewing and craft from my mum, Nel even picked up the basics of crochet! Also in just 2 weeks, my older girl has come close to beating me in chess, which she picked up from my dad. (Note, I'm rather pathetic in chess, plus I feel tired off and on.) Still it's amazing she picked up so much chess from my dad in just 2 weeks. Apparently the deal was to play a minimum of one game a day. :)

And then spiritually my kids grew up overnight. I know that daily, when I was in hospital, they prayed and prayed and trusted God that their mama would come home well. I received cards from my girls with messages like "We will never be apart, God will heal you, and I will take care of you." And now I'm home, without fail, my girls come into my room every night, put their hands on my head and pray for me. Just last night, Jo prayed "God I pray you heal the damage that's been done, close the wounds, remove the headaches." And Nel prayed "God help me and Jo not to fight so much so we won't trouble our mummy with extra headaches." :)  So much growth in just 2 weeks.

Because of my headaches I don't school them much yet, except for random art. But I'm healing. In conclusion, it has been a real time of learning for me and my family. I'm proud that my children were able to school themselves independently when I couldn't, and for supportive parents who helped them become even more independent. There is a reason for everything that happens. Anyway, yeah, praise God in all things.

p.s forgive any spelling, grammar mistakes or sloppy writing. Have not yet tested if they accidentally removed any important cells during brain surgery. (kidding :))

(pss.. apparently they enjoyed being schooled at my mum's because there was a promise of TV everyday at 3pm! while at our home, TV is only allowed during weekends! haha...)

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sandra@sandrabarker said...

pleased to see that you are recovering so quickly.your girls sound amazing,how blessed you are to have them interceding for you:-)
every blessing ,sandra

cell said...

so glad to see new posts from you! and haha....glad you didn't lose any cells or get any new weird cells introduced. hehe... good on the girls! you must be so proud of them

Martha said...

hey Sandra and Cell, yes, I'm blessed. Thankfully, in terms of my brains, I'm good. :) heh heh... now it's just sinuses...hope tat clears soon..cz t's driving me nuts.

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