15 Apr 2012

Walking in the rain helps

It's old news that I often do not sleep well. Some days are better, some days worse. Well these few days have been pretty bad. As I head to bed each night, there is a cacophony of thoughts in my mind, each begging to be heard. And even as I sleep in short bouts, I suspect my mind has been working overtime for they show up in vivid dreams. And finally I awake each morn feeling like I've not slept at all.

To shake this feeling off, I decided on an evening walk with my best poochie (my poodle). Barely 10 mins out, I felt the clutter in my mind clearing, as thoughts began to sort themselves out. But then, black clouds started looming over us, as the faint sound of thunder rumbled in the horizon. Not wanting to turn back coz I badly needed the walk, I told my lil Pooch, "We'll keep walking lil companion. A lil rain won't hurt us. :)"

I expected a thunderstorm, I was sooo ready to get drenched, wet, soaked. I WANTED to get drenched, how delightful it would have been! But it was only a pathetic light rain. Still, as every raindrop touched my skin, I felt liberty, a lightening of weight from my shoulders. Finally, we headed home, and I went in to grab my camera just for a few shots.

Yeah, walking in the rain, plus some photography, is so therapeutic. Try it the next time you feel down. :)

As rain refreshes the leaves, it refreshes my soul. Rain, and a talk with God, that is.

There is still beauty,  even in wilting leaves.

I'm not a poetic person, I'm almost out of words. ..(:P)  but hey....I am right brained  :P

A mushroom...so? Well...I love mushrooms, I love eating them, and I love chancing upon them in some unsuspecting place. It's always a delight to spot a mushroom.

Though my mum frequently eyes my flowers with anticipation, hoping I'd remember the next time to cut some for her to add flavour her already delicious asam curry, I never succeed in cutting these flowers. They are so beautiful to me.

As these flowers were refreshed by the light rain, I think I'm refreshed too, ready to face the coming week.


gail said...

Delightful, Martha. However, you worry me walking in a thunder storm. Lightning!


Dear Martha, I read a lovely comment you left on Gail's blogspot, so here I am visiting you. You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts!!!

I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:) I'm sorry to hear you haven't been sleeping well. Something I can relate to. I kind of think some times my mind is like one of those rotating Rolodex's filled up with stuff, stuff I have to remember, stuff I worry about... But one thing I'm certain of is with God you can run against a troop, and God will have you leaping over walls. (Psalm 18:29).

I couldn't agree more, a stroll with your dog, taking some snapshots along the way and a little light rain is indeed therapeutic. It just doesn't get much better than that!

Thanks for sharing your photos; they brought me so much joy.

The kids artwork is amazing! Now you have me wanting to go and do some craft activities with my son, Jaiden. He's nine and in 4th Grade, here in Australia.

I hope the week ahead is filled with plenty of joy, laughter and more love than you've ever imagined possible. God bless. - Kerrie (aka KC)

marie said...

These pictures look straight out of a photography magazine, just stunning.

I love the rain too. We don't get a ton here in Southern Ca but when we do I thoroughly enjoy it.

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Yes, that much needed walk in the rain helps. Those are beautiful pictures..:)

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