7 Apr 2012

Friday Art

Some random art done this week. With the leaves collected while having a class in the forest the kids briefly made these simple collages.

Bats in forest by Nel

Falling Leaves by Jo

2) We also looked at 3D shapes this week, and studied parallel lines.

Jo's picture after studying parallel lines

She drew a picture of my thesaurus and we marked parallel lines with symbols (flower, clouds and diamond.)

Again, parallel lines, but this time circular lines. She's marked the parallel lines in darker red.
3)  Since it's Good Friday today, I gave the children charcoal and asked them to create art to depict Good Friday. I gave them the following instructions - Colour the whole paper in charcoal, then erase lines to create your Good Friday Picture, remembering that Christ died on the cross for us.

This is Jo's Work. If you look carefully, you'll see stick figures hung on 3 separate crosses. The one in the middle has a signboard, and Jo says it reads "King of the Jews." There are also speech bubbles. In Jo's words,  the prisoner on the left says "If you are the king, safe yourself." The second prisoner on the right says "Why do you say that? We are the ones who did bad things, while He didn't do anything wrong." And Jesus' speech bubble says "Today you will be with me in paradise." There's also a crow flying to peck the bad thief's eye, and also 2 Easter bunnies with eggs telling others that Christ will rise on the third day.
Nel's drawing of Christ, hung on the cross, a sash around his body.

Quick sketch of Christ by me.
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