9 Apr 2012

Acrostic and Autobiographical Poems

After last week's class where we did "Writing in the jungle" we're back to poetry writing. Nel enjoys this a lot, and has loved doing all the poetry assignments.

Last week she worked on quite a number of  Acrostic Poems. Here's just 2.

1)  Fresh air
   Air that cools sweaty bodies
   Nice and cooling.

2)         Creamy!
           Really delicous!
           Enjoyed by all ages,
           Aching to eat some cream now...
           Marvelous taste...yumm. 

This week we started off by working on Autobiographical Poems. We looked at some formats as found here, and will be working on a few formats through the week.

Nel's very first attempt at such a form (First draft only with further editing to be done later).

Strong, creative, kind and graceful.
Sister of Brave Jo!
Lover of strong Shetland ponies,
           of creamy cheese cake,
           of furry poodles.

Who feels irritated when somebody keeps on calling me,
Angry when somebody scares me,
and calm when my mum plays a nice tune.

Who needs to read before going to sleep,
Who feels sadness when somebody teases me,
Who fears when meeting with a new friend,
Who gives old toys to the poor,
Who believes that toys come alive,
Who would like to see China,
Who enjoys cooking with my mummy,
Who likes to wear shorts and short sleeve shirts.

Resident of South East aSIA,

Last name, Detective Drew.

Here's Jo's attempt at autobiographical poem, a different format from Nel's.

Just because I'm tiny
Doesn't mean I can't swim
Doesn't mean I can't cook food
Doesn't mean I am whiny.

Just because I am six years old
Doesn't mean my mum has to carry me
Doesn't mean I chuck toys
Doesn't mean I cry when I fall down.

Just because I'm a girl
Doesn't mean I'm weak
Doesn't mean I'm sexy.
Doesn't mean I'm scared of slugs and worms.

Just because I'm a girl, tiny and six years old.

Why do adults sometimes think 6 year olds are scared?
Why do Guys think girls are dumb?

I may be tiny, but doesn't mean I can't do anything!


marie said...

Wow, Jo's poem is fabulous. That girl is strong and has a good head on her shoulders.

gail said...

I have learned new things about my nieces.

Jo is so far advanced over Isabella. I will have to see if Bells knows what I mean when I ask her to tell me some things about herself.

Divoo said...

Jo's poem is super! Always a treat to read their poems. :)

Martha said...

always fun to read any chidlren's poems. G, every child is different..in their own time, they'll find their own voice. :)

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