1 Apr 2012

There's laziness in me bones now, and reluctantly I blog just to keep going less the spark to blog totally dies.This week we took part in the March of the Frogs, we went to watch the Twits (a local theater production which was quite fun to watch), the kids FINALLY visited Kidzania and had a WHOLE day there trying all sorts of roles (thanks to aunty DJ who took them), we went ice-skating with some goody friends .....and yeah, it's basically been an out of the house week...and thus this mama thinks me is tired.

As for learning, Nel's still reading up on environmental science, studying bout energy, and now reading up Renewable Energy. Where we used to struggle with math, there's suddenly a light coming through *wink*, will blog about this when my mind's not so lethargic. She's CRAZY about mysteries right now, and hopes to meet a girl who's equally crazy about mysteries, or better yet, meet Carolyn Keene, the author of Nancy Drew herself.
As for Jo....well apart from her  project on snakes (which she wants to continue studying), we're gonna include now a study on whales (she requested), especially after receiving a very big beautiful poster all about whales from Uncle PA! She's also reading....about...can you guess?? Mermaids of course! Whenever we're at the library, of course, she gets books about mermaids, and her dear sis Jun just got her a new book of mermaids so she's been reading that over and over and over again.

Ok...enough of my boring rambling. Just some random pictures below.

Jo's garden's done well and we cooked our first harvest of Pok Choy. As for the radish, I pulled out one and realised, they're far from ready. Still tiny and will take a couple of weeks more I think. Only one pumpkin plant survive. The rest mysteriously disappeared.

We went help PA clean out his fish tank and of course we wondered if there were any tadpoles under the beautiful leaves...unfortunately none.
And so the girls helped him catch the baby fish out, scrubbed the tank and put in new water for all the creatures that live in his tank.
I'm not sure if Uncle PA will invite them again though...coz they err..ended up playing too much with the fishies.

Had to stop to take a pic of flowers...so tiny, but so beautiful

It's been a while since i Took any pictures of critters. I still haven't gotten any macro lenses....time just doesn't allow me to go buy one. But I saw this beauty sitting on my banana leaf. Managed to get 3 shots before it flew off. This is best as I could get.
And if you've read my blog, you'll now know, I love spiders. Saw this beauty on my banana leaf too. A lot of things have come to my banana plant, from here to there, there to here, funny critters are everywhere.

And because I love spiders, I love webs. Nel was watering the plants when she yelled "Mum, Mum!! Come immediately COME! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!" (as you can see...my children love critters too). And I saw this beautiful web that she was shouting about, and thus a picture.

..Since we're on the topic of critters, here's one more on my lime leaf. Really really tiny fella! not more than 1mm. Hubby thinks it's a caterpillar, i thought it was a slug. So...I'm not sure what it is...just another funny whiskered old thing.
So what do you think it is??? 


cell said...

ooh lovely pa choy! about the pumpkins, did they fall off when they were still tiny? that means they didn't get fertilized - the male flowers need to fertilize the female flowers [usually by bees] but if there're no insects, u've to use a paintbrush and do it yourself.

Martha said...

Hey Cell, well we planted the seeds, they grew to about 5 to 7 cm in height.....and then, one by one, the plants mysteriously disappeared.....leaving just one plant! So never got to flowering part. The one left is surviving...sad eh. Haha.......Jo wants to try long beans n okra next.

gail said...

I know bok choy...

Did Malaysia light it up blue for International Autism Awareness Day?

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Love the pictures as always. The spider looks transparent! You have very bright eyes, can even notice a critter about 1mm size!

How was Kidzania btw? Worth the trip?

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